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Upload a pics without posting a post

  1. is it possible to upload photos on my wordpress side without posting a post?
    Is there nothing like a webspace where i can upload a file and then use the link of it or make a galery without a post ? CanĀ“t i upload it to a Category direct without posting ... ?

    such a question i hope it is understandable :D

  2. You have a media library, but to make the pictures accessible you need to post.
    You could consider getting the pictures-only blog, and link to that.

  3. If you start a new post, and click on Add Media/Image, you will be able to upload the image, then simply don't write/post an entry. The image will still be there in your media gallery and you can obtain its url from there.

  4. thank you but if i dont write anything and the pic is in my media gallery , is it then also viewable for visitors like in a gallery or how ... ?

  5. If you do not put the image in a post or a page, then the image is not viewable by anyone unless they actually knew the exact URL of the image.

  6. You could create a page. Your pages are listed at the top, and if you use a page widget, on the side. You could call your page, "Must See Images" or whatever suits you, then load your images on this page.

    If you want that to be the first page people see when they go to your blog each time they go, navigate to Settings --> Reading -->and tick the bullet "A static page (select below)". The upper dropdown will be for "Front page:" and the page you just created will be in there.

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