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    I have a blog with multiple contributors. There are multiple new contributors each week.

    I’m looking for a way for these contributors to upload an avatar/image of themselves to be shown with their posts and/or comments.
    I’m not looking for gravatars or anything else that requires the contributors to go to another site to upload their avatar. (not all my contributors are blog addicts – and don’t use them). I believe its easier to just have them upload their own image on my blog.

    I don’t think this is too much to ask, other major sites have this functionality – you don’t have to go to gravatars site to upload your image to google’s chat.

    It would be great if this could work with the Register Plus plugin.

    I know WP 2.6 has great avatar control, but it doesn’t seem to let you upload an avatar from the blog itself.

    Any ideas?



    Yes: I think you’re in the wrong forum. This forum is for support of blogs on the WordPress.com hosting platform, and you’re talking about the OTHER version of the software, the one available to blogs hosted independently. You will need to find answers to your questions at http://wordpress.org/support if I’m not mistaken.


    WordPress 2.6 is for self-hosted blogs and supported over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ . This forum is for those hosted here at wordpress.COM, the free hosting service. To be a contributor or author on a blog here, you have to register for a wordpress.COM account, which gives you the ability to upload and use avatars.

    You need to head over to .ORG.

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