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Upload current location to a map

  1. Hello,

    I'm currently experimenting with WordPress to see if if can be configured for use as a travel log that accumulates my locations on a map, for the duration of a trip.

    I've found numerous descriptions of how to add a Google Map to my site - that 's not the question! I want to be able to add multiple location pins to to one map, rather than posting a new map every time I wan to show a new location.

    The best way for this to work would be to manually set the location of each pin, not try and auto-detect from mobile phone location. That's because many locations will not have any signal. It would be necessary to upload some locations as a batch, at the next time connectivity is available. Or just log in an manually add them - I am not particular about how they get added.

    This seems like a pretty simple thing to do and I'm reasonably confident it already exists, but just can't seem to find it using searches with the obvious keywords and phrases.

    So I would be very grateful for any suggestions.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Basically, all I can think of is to take screenshots of your location on a Google Map and upload them as JPGs or PNGs. You can't use a dynamic map on unfortunately.

  3. You can link to a Google map with a pile of pins and locations in it - I do it for a friends sailing blog - but I find Google Maps to be a bit difficult - but all the work is done with the Google Maps stuff and you insert the map here - sometimes you need to insert a new view of the map to show where you are now and not last month

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