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    Trying to upload a new theme i downloaded from another site and my ‘theme’ section of my admin won’t let me upload any new themes. There is no ‘add new’ or ‘upload’ button to add the new theme.

    The blog I need help with is littlebosheep.wordpress.com.



    You can’t install any theme that is not found at https://wordpress.com/themes/ into any site hosted by wordpress.COM.

    If you are reading anything that makes you think that bloggers can install any third party or custom themes on sites hosted by wordpress.COM, then you are mistaken/misinformed. You are confusing wordpress.COM hosted blogs and wordpress.ORG installs on paid hosting.

    This is the wordpress.COM support forum. There is no FTP access https://en.support.wordpress.com/ftp-access/ to sites hosted here and you cannot upload any custom themes or third party themes, or create your own theme here at wordpress.COM, or use stylesheets from another theme. You can do those only on wordpress.ORG installs on paid hosting.

    The only themes we can use on WordPress.com hosted blogs are licensed and adapted to run on our multiuser software the themes are found here http://wordpress.com/themes/ and in your dashboard at > Appearance > Themes
    Read: http://en.support.wordpress.com/themes/adding-new-themes/
    There is no upgrade you can buy here that changes that.

    If your site remains hosted here at wordpress.COM and you purchased a third-party theme, then you will have to get a refund.

    Alternatively, this guide will explain how to move your WordPress.com site to another hosting platform:
    Moving to a Self-Hosted WordPress Site



    WordPress.com provides a curated selection of nearly 400 themes, but it’s not possible to upload themes you’ve obtained elsewhere.


    Could you let us know what theme you downloaded? If you let us know what kind of theme you’re looking for we’d be glad to help you find one.

    If you do really want use the theme you downloaded somewhere else, you’ll need to run the WordPress software on your own hosting, which is called a “self-hosted” site. You can learn more here about the differences between WordPress.com and self-hosted (WordPress.org) sites:



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