Upload image pop window blocked by taskbar

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    When I try and upload images the pop up window that comes up is half way down the page and I am not able to move it up to click on the insert to editor button once the picture is uploaded – what do I do to fix this? Already tried F11 (full screen view) and this does not help… Getting very frustrated!!!


    I’m having the exact same problem… help!!



    tsp is the one who knows all the workarounds, but before I send you to search through the forum for answers to this (and it’s been answered a million times, I just can’t find the threads right now) have you done the Cookie Dance? IE logged out, cleared browser cache and cookies, restarted the computer and gone back and reloaded the page? Also, what browser and version are you using?



    I’m having same problem!

    Yes, I did the cookie dance.

    Browser is Internet Explorer 7, I believe.


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