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Upload large audio files/podcasts

  1. I have been going crazy trying to upload a roughly 150MB mp3 to my media library with no success. When I do so, after some loading time, I receive a message "error saving media attachment."

    I am on a Mac and have the new software. I have little to no experience writing code or html or anything like that. I have also purchased the space upgrade, which makes this even more frustrating.

    So, is there anyone that can give me simple, step by step directions on how to change my upload settings or whatever on a Mac so that I can get this problem solved?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. unknownwpressuser

    Does WordPress have a cap on upload limit?

    How bout lowering the quality of the MP3 down to like 128kbs?

    Or there is always I use them it works fine for big files.

  3. unknownwpressuser

    oh just searched this checkout

  4. 150M is huge for an mp3. How have you encoded it?

    I've got nearly hour-long podcasts from the BBC that run for close to an hour and are only 23-27M tops.

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