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upload limit ?

  1. hello,im running this blog for 1 year now :) and today i have found out that i have an upload limit wich im not sure what does it mean? i asume that when i reach this limit of 3.0GB (now im 2.7GB) i wont be able to post anymore pics? and i suppose this limit is not monthly limit?the only way i could keep doing posts will be only to buy more gb? or there is another solution too?
    Please help me out with this problem,i need all the infos anyone can give me :-) Thank you in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can purchase a space upgrade to get more upload space on your blog:

  3. Or just set up a new blog and archive your old posts there - not forgetting to clear down old picture uploads on the parent blog - hope this helps!

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