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    Previously when I uploaded images to my blog I dragged and dropped them into the media upload and everything looked like the support page that comes up when you click on it for uploading media. Two days ago something changed. Now instead of a small centered upload area in front of the post, it now covers the entire page and when the images upload, they are uploading into the media library with all the other information in a column to the side where you can add text, change sizes, etc. It is like the upload page has changed. And this last time when I inserted the images into the post, instead of them being smaller and in columns, the pics followed one another as a long line extending downward.
    It is just odd that the upload media page has changed. I do not recall doing anything differently or changing any settings. I did not do any screen grabs but may if this isn’t clear.


    The blog I need help with is lostinsiouxland.wordpress.com.


    A follow up to what I wrote earlier. When looking at my posts, the photos appear as smaller thumbnails rather than the large pics seen in the current post. When I uploaded and finished uploading those that look smaller after being inserted into post, when I hit the edit button, I see the uploaded images are in an area with hash marks surrounding the area that says media, but the newest post when edit is selected does not have the hash marks surrounding the media. I don’t know what I changed but I would like to fix that. lostinsiouxland


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