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Upload PDF not working

  1. I uploaded a PDF to the Media Library and created a link to the pdf in my post, but when you click on the link opens a blanks window. I can't view the PDF file in the Media Library either, but I can open the PDF in Adobe Reader. How can I create a link in a post that opens and displays my beautiful pdf file?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. What's the URL of the post with the PDF, please?

  3. When you upload a PDF it doesn't display like a picture. It IS an attachment. You have to then attach it to something in the post, usually some text like "click here for the full list" or whatever.

  4. When you add a pdf file to your post from your media
    you will see a box, that says "Title". what you enter will be the clickable text.

    when you insert your PDF file , what you have entered to the right of "Text" will be the highlighted text that readers will click to download your PDF.

    Some browsers (like mine) have plug-ins that can read a PDF like a web page.

    Your PDF file is working fine in my browser.

  5. Glad it works for you. not working for me however. just displays a black screen. back to the drawing board i suppose.

  6. I took a quick look again, and when clicking on your PDF file given above, the opens
    both in Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 8.

    I am using the "Foxit" plugin instead of the Adobe, however I doubt that makes a difference.

    It maybe a browser issue.

    I'd do a random search to see if you can open other PDF files with your web browser.
    If you can't, make sure your adobe-plug is properly installed in your web browser

  7. @theaisledi
    I see that you are using a Premium theme and we Volunteers have no knowledge of Premium Themes and how they do or do not operate. When you purchase a Premium Theme you get support directly from the theme designer in the Premium Themes Forum. You will find a link to that forum here. > Appearnce > Themes

  8. The PDF is huge, even for a PDF. It might be timing out on your connection, if it's not a fast one.

  9. @rain - 1.5M is huge? Some people upload photos bigger than that here.

    I would be more concerned that the header for Pretty Young Thing (which the OP is using for their site here) has been incorporated in that PDF brochure. Granted I am not entirely aware of what one gets when one purchases a Premium theme, but somehow I don't think it extends to using the theme graphics in print materials.

    And I hope the OP also knows that blogger initiated advertising is not allowed under the TOS, so the "Advertise" tab on that site will need to go as well.

    Overall, perhaps the OP should be looking to self-host with the software if e-commerce, advertising and branding are a must.

  10. thanks to all - turned out it was my laptop - I simply rebooted and it was fine.

    @just jennifer - yes we are taking it out of wordpress and self hosting - we are in the process of moving it over so we can advertise. As for the header, that was a "crock" with the theme. Moreover, we had to create the graphic ourselves and load that jpg into the header - see the forum about the pretty young thing theme that talks about how the header does not work. Happy Blogging.

  11. @theaisledi-Sorry, don't know what you mean by it being 'a "crock" with the theme'.

    Keep in mind that if the discussion took place in the Premium Theme forum, we who don't have a Premium theme do not have access to the Premium theme forum to see what you are talking about.

    Regardless, good luck with your move and your new site and happy blogging.

  12. "Crock" means that the header image didn't display as it did on the theme sample picture. As stated, we had to manually create the header image to so that it looked like the theme. the Theme needed a lot editing to actually look like it was protrayed to look like.

    If you'll recall, the initial question in this forum was simply about linking to a pdf which is irrelevant to the theme. You were the one that started with the theme discussion by questioning usage of graphics etc.

    Unless you have a helpful answer to the question at hand, I would recommend not keeping your comment to yourself.

    Have a nice day.

  13. obviously the "not" above is a typo.

  14. @theaisledi
    My recommendation is that you communicate directly with Staff >

  15. @timethief - thanks - not necessary - as stated - I already figured it out and have marked this as resolved - simply just needed to reboot as the browser was simply not displaying the pdf.

  16. @theaisledi-I did make a suggestion about your PDF problem, perhaps you overlooked it:

    Cheers and good luck!

  17. yes - my point exactly - it got lost in all the other unrelated content. thanks anyway

  18. It's now been clarified to me that all free and premium themes on are GPL licensed, so my answer above regarding use of the theme header

    Granted I am not entirely aware of what one gets when one purchases a Premium theme, but somehow I don't think it extends to using the theme graphics in print materials
    was in error and for which I apologize.

    Happy blogging.

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