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    i have a trouble with uploading photos. all photos appear in horizontal view even if they are originally vertical. is there an option how i can make that image in the right form?


    Please give a link to your blog when asking questions, and/or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the Sticky “8 Things to Know”.

    And give us a link to a post with this problem.


    my blog address is: http://sandramartinsone.wordpress.com


    Ok, but I don’t see any post with this problem.


    ok, so, here is one post, where i want to put that picture, but it always appear horizontal not vertical.


    Ah that was a tough one! So: that happens because you have uploaded the original photo as taken by your digital camera, and its original info includes a command for orientation (“right top”). If you make a copy of the photo and edit it in an image editing application, the orientation of the edited copy will be “normal”.

    Even if you didn’t have that problem, you MUST edit such photos before uploading them, because they are huge (this particular one is 3648×2736 at a resolution of 300): you uneccessarily waste uploading time and storing space (also taxing browser loading for those with a slow connection). Even if you don’t change the actual dimensions, at least make the resolution 72.


    (In case my explanation wasn’t clear enough: the REAL image is what shows up in the post, but when you view it in an image viewing application it’s got an incorporated command to rotate it 90o clockwise.)

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