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  1. When I upload a picture, three of the options given me are 1/Linked to Image, 2/Linked to Page, 3/Not Linked. What does each one mean? When is it best to use each of them?


  2. 1. Linked to image - will show a large version of the image in a new page (not a new window).
    2. Linked to page - will show the large image in a new page with your blog's theme as the page.
    3. Will not create a link to anything.

    If you want to show a large picture on your blog post use option 3.

    1 and 2 you use whenever you want to use a thumbnail but give the reader the option to see a larger version.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Very helpful! My concern is that when I use option #3, I don't get a large picture, of the kind you get when you have it printed at a photo store. I still get a small picture. Weird. Should I be downloading the pictures from my camera in a particular way? Should I be editing the picture size using my software for photos on my computer? Have never been able to figure this one out.


  4. It's not a problem with the way you are doing anything from the camera.

    It's a quirk with WP. WHen you insert the "Not Linked" picture, as long as you have clicked the option for "use original" on the line above the link then it should show the full size picture.

    If it still doesn't, have a look and see if it has width and height properties in the HTML tha will display the picture. If it does, take them out. Should sort it. :)

  5. Thanks again. I'll try that.


  6. to begin with, I am a fresh wordpress newbie!

    I am having trouble getting pictures on my blog. I uploaded three pictures from my hard drive. they are currently thumbnail size sitting in a box below the text entry box on the Write Post page. How do I get them placed on my blog and what are the options for movement and placement on the page?

  7. Wax, this is covered in the FAQ with a link to a walkthru on uploading pics to your posts. You may want to review it. :)

    Placement is pretty much standard - Upper left within the post or where you put the html code for the picture within the post.

    Hope this helps,

  8. introspectiveholdman

    Ok so i've been able to upload a picture on my blog but i have been unable to get it to be full size. I selected the "using original" and "not linked" options on the picture. When i drag it to my editing space all that displays is the the thumbnail version. I deleted the width and hieght parameters in the html as well and still get the sam results.

  9. I assume that the image you uploaded isn't the thumbnail size version?

    When you view the picture on your machine before uploading, what size (pixels) is it?

  10. An example of this as well would be helpful. :)

  11. introspectiveholdman

    according to infranview it is 640 x 721 with 72 x 72 dpi and 32 kb. and the picture is on

    thanks for the help

  12. Do a right click on the image that's within your post and take a look at the file name. You are using the thumbnail version of it.

    You can override it by removing the 'thumbnail' and one of the periods surrounding it from your post code.

    For example you have:

    <img src="" alt="Pipe 1 - Face 0" />

    It should be this:

    <img src="" alt="Pipe 1 - Face 0" />

    Hope this helps,

  13. 5purposedriven

    Still working the pictures myself. Trying to come up with something that "stays". Question: Why do the pics on the picture FAQ not show? I've gone back to the FAQ several times this week to try to see the kitten and still no kitten. Trying to figure out what I'm doing (needing to resize my images before uploading, trying to get a handle on InfranView with not much of an idea as to what size, or if I have to save a new size, or what?)

    1. Pics on the FAQ aren't visible. Just the X box--July 21, 2006
    2. As there is no "help" on Infranview, a tutorial using that in relation to small, medium, and large pics might be cool.

  14. Is this what you are looking at?
    If so it is in essence a tutorial on uploading images into blogs. I used these same insntructions when I came here on April 8th and started blogging from scratch and they worked for me.
    I'm sorry but I don't have a clue as to what this "Infranview" that you refer to is.

  15. The pictures in the FAQ don't show because my offsite blog was hosted by a real *cough* who got his drives whipped by the datacenter and I had no method of doing a 3 gig backup. *grumble*

    Podz did a replacement FAQ for the picture uploading.

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