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  1. When uploading pic, after shrinking to very small size, I get a message "this page can not be shown", there are several suggested remedies to correct problem. None of the remedies have solved the problem. Suggestions?

  2. I see a picture dated today.

    Where exactly does it say the 'page cannot be shown' ?

  3. Podz, the user is also coming in via Comcast. I've noticed many of these folks reporting time out errors and whatnot are visitors via Comcast. I'm beginning to wonder if something is up with those folks.

  4. Which would put it outside of our control.....
    Ideas? because no provider will ever admit to having any sort of problems with their networks.

  5. Not really. I note that I can't even get a tracert near his IP. (I reach a ATT backbone and then no more) isn't doing any rDNS check or anything like that, is it on posting or upload or anything like that, is it? I got an rDNS on the IP but it did take a while.

    Maybe they're forcing their users to use a proxy like BellSouth does in certain locations?

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