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Upload problems? Upgrade Flash.

  1. If you're experiencing problems uploading images, please make sure you're running the current version of Flash:

    We've had several reports of uploader problems with earlier versions of Flash 9 that are fixed by upgrading. It probably won't solve all issues but is a necessary first step.

    If you're wondering how to use the new uploader to add an image to your post, please see Matt's short screencast here:

    If you're still experiencing problems after checking your Flash version and watching the screencast, please try the following when reporting a problem:

    Your browser name and version number is probably in the Help / About menu of the browser. We need to know that.

    Your Flash version number (if any) would be very useful too. You can see it on this page:

    We also need to know the URL you are visiting to get to your dashboard.

    Next thing to try is clearing your browser cache. This page explains how to do that for most common browsers:

    If you're still having problems, it would be very helpful if you could give us a step by step description of what you did and what you saw - "first I clicked on this button, then on this link, then I saw x when I expected to see y". I realize that's tedious, but we can't see what you see so we need you to describe it to us as best you can.

    (Believe it or not this stuff does actually work. When it fails it does so for a reason, we need details to find out what those reasons are).

  2. There's now a link in the Flash upload form that says "Try the Browser uploader instead." If you're experiencing persistent problems with the Flash uploader, the Browser uploader might help.

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