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Upload quota of pictures

  1. When I tried to upload som pictures on my blog today it said "sorry you have used your upload quota". What does this mean??!! How much upload quota do you have and can you "buy" more space.. or what can I do now????

  2. Go to and get a free account. To add pictures to posts upload them at photobucket, then insert them your posts using the img src code given to you at photobucket.

    They told me via email that the image storage amount allowed is about 25mb.

  3. No you can't buy more space. But either try Photobucket or Flickr.

  4. You are allowed a total of 50 megs of space here at Currently you are unable to purchase additional space but they has been mentioned as a possible feature for the future.

    I would do what the other suggest and use a hosting site for your images.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Podz told me via email that it was only 25mb. I still have the email as proof.

  6. He made a mistake as it was increased just recently. This is from the FAQs in the pink sticky post at the head of the forum "How much space do we have for pictures?
    The limit is currently at 50 megs."
    Either way the recommendation is the same - it's to use an off site host for images.

  7. O.k. well, the email was from about a month ago so that explains it. I was not aware that it was recently upgraded.As you said though this is really besides the point.

  8. Not really since that was the question that was asked. :)

  9. I also thought it was still 25 MB until I checked just now and confirmed it was upped to 50 MB for uploads.

  10. Be careful with Photobucket. They deleted a ton of images out of my account and let's just say we disagree on whether all of them violated TOS. The real problem is that when I asked them for specifically which TOS were violated by several images, they simply threatened to delete my account altogether rather than answer the question. As I said to them, I have no issue if the images in question DID violate the TOS, but at this point neither they nor me have any way to prove that they did or didn't. All I wanted was to understand the parameters better and they threatened to kill the whole thing.

  11. I just hit the "sorry you have used your upload quota," and so far, after deleting some several MB of photos, I still cannot upload.

    I would like to use an image hosting service, but is there one that will do what WordPress does: put a thumbnail in the post that, when clicked, shows the photo full size? Because the (free) template provides such a narrow column width for posting, actual photos would be too small.

    I'm frustrated at (1) having to remove so many photos (I admit: I wasn't using the "save for Web" file sizing option---didn't know about it) and (2) still not being able to upload new photos (which I *have* "saved for Web").

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  12. Okay, I'm trying Flickr. Problem is all the advertising when you click the thumbnail: "Sign up for free account," "Comment", etc. I want to find something that, when you click the thumbnail, simply shows you the large photo.

    BTW, not having any information about where you stand with respect to the upload quota (that is, not knowing how close you are---how much you've uploaded) is simply deadly. Talk about flying blind...

  13. leisureguy's last post alluded to a question I had: is there any way to know how many megs you've used so far? I do use Flickr for many things, but don't want everything that public or in some cases have downloaded headers for specific memes (with permission) but wouldn't want to put that type of thing on my Flickr account.

  14. Barbarah: the issue of not being able to see how many megs have been uploaded has been raised a couple of times. I suppose it may be on some to-do list, but no substantive response to the suggestion.

  15. Do you use alot of pictures because you barely have any just on the first page? The only accounts I hear others talk about are Photobucket, Flickr, and this new Zoomr account I've just heard about.

  16. You could try Picasa as an image host, as far as i know there is no limit (though I could be wrong there, I need to double check on that) If memory serves me right you get a monthly bandwidth limit on your uploads only, which is reset each month. i use this and it makes a good gallery as well.

  17. ok sorry foir the doube post, I have just checked with Picasa and you get 250 Mb of space for pictures.

  18. try ... you can post as many images as you want, but to make sure they don't get deleted, you can make an account (for free of course)

  19. leisureguy - very soon. It'll be viewable very soon.

  20. Cool. With that, I think I can manage. And I learned how to tweak Flickr so clicking the thumbnail doesn't bring so many commercial messages. Image Shack I don't quite understand yet. Need to play with it, but thanks for the suggestions.

  21. And, just for reference in case someone else comes by this thread, you can now purchase additional space. See here

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