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    I have several wordpress blogs. I’m having problems in one of my blogs because the upload tab to upload video, pictures, etc. isn’t appearing. I see it on my other blogs.

    Please help,
    Doctress Neutopia



    Hi Doctress, what’s the blog URL? Can you provide some information about your setup (browser etc)?



    Hi Hanni,

    I don’t create the blog. Its. http://projectwhitehouse.wordpress.com/

    The the tabs of the other guys seem to be working.


    On the blog were the upload tab is not appearing, are you set up as an administrator? It might be worth going to users, selecting the checkbox at the left end of the line with your name on it, then select “Set the Role of checked users to: “administrator” from the pulldown and then click “bulk update”.



    Thanks for helping me.

    I don’t see anything about users on my dashboard.

    Got any other ideas?


    While logged in and in your admin area (where you go to write posts, look at your stats and such), going across the top row there should be dashboard, write, manage, comments, blogroll, presentation, users, options, upgrades. Click on users.

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