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    sir when i am uploading a custom theme then this message showing’The errors above must be resolved before proceeding. Have questions? Please contact support.’ so what to do

    The blog I need help with is gyanwing.wordpress.com.


    Hi @gyanwing,

    To upload a custom theme you would require a WordPress Business Plan:


    If you are interested in uploading a custom theme via WordPress Business Plan, please see the pricing link below:





    will the problem be fixed after taking domain and hosting?



    Hi @gyanwing,

    If you plan to purchase the Business Plan with WordPress.com, you will then be able to upload your own custom theme.

    Please note, uploading your custom theme is ONLY available with the Business plan. Any plan that is Premium and below will not be able to upload a custom theme.

    Let me know if you need further assistance!


    okanagancreativedesigns and allykmyta, thank you for your help here, but the user clearly stated that they are seeing errors when they are uploading the theme. This should likely mean that they are already on the WordPress.com Business plan and are facing errors.

    gyanwing, first off, are you referring to this site? https://gyanwing.wordpress.com/ Or, is it about a different site? Please tell us that first.

    I am also tagging the post with “modlook” for the WordPress.com staff’s attention.




    http://gyanwing.wordpress.com/ is a free site hosted free of charge by WordPress.COM that does not appear to have an upgrade of any kind. Without a WordPress.COM Business plan upgrade you cannot upload any custom or third party themes, as stated by okanagancreativedesigns in the first response to this thread above.

    Please help me put and end to the back and forth conversation here by responding to the questions below.

    1. What is the exact URL of the site you refer to?
    2. Exactly which WordPress.COM username account registered it?

    Hi –

    I am happy to help. Please confirm which site is having trouble with the theme upload.

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