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    I am a complete notice to all this but I am putting a plea for help here,

    I have managed to download a theme from a site thanks to a google search, once I had expanded the theme out, it turns out that it was a folder with lots of PHP files in it and some images…. what do I need to to get that theme on my blogsite which is located at :





    Here at wordpress.com we are limited to the themes under presentation > themes. We cannot upload other themes. Themes have to be modified and updated for security to run on the multi-user version of wordpress used here at .com, and only staff does that, and new themes come along infrequently.

    Your only option, if you know how to edit CSS is to find a theme that fits pretty well with what you want (under presentation > themes) then buy the CSS upgrade and stylize it. If you do not have experience editing CSS, it is not recommended since there is no official support for CSS modification.


    Basically, You can upload a WordPress theme via FTP there is tutorials on youtube all the guy is trying to do is to pull you in and take your money



    No. Quite frankly, you do not know what you are talking about.

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