upload videopress player and video onto external website

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    I’m looking into videopress. For two reasons: use of my own thumbnails, and for additional use in my google website. So I wish to make sure I’m clear about this:

    that I can upload my videos and the videopress player onto my google apps website, simply by inserting code into the HTML.

    that having chosen my own fabulous un-youtube thumbnail,
    that my thumbnail will show up
    behind the [videopress] play button
    on my google apps website: http://www.clearheartcoaching.com?

    If so, I’ll buy videopress and probably the whole package!!!

    The blog I need help with is clearheartcoaching.wordpress.com.



    We don’t support external websites, and there are any number of video players you can use there instead of Videopress. You can’t install Videopress on an external website anyway.


    Here are three quotes, two of them directly from wordpress, that say you can use videopress to play your content on any site or anywhere on the web.

    “VideoPress is a one-click WordPress.com upgrade that allows you to create streaming high definition videos on your blog, or anywhere on the web.”

    “Videos can be streamed and embedded on WordPress.com or on any site around the world,

    “The good thing about VideoPress is that you’ll be able to embed them anywhere...”

    I do have some gaps in my understanding of all things webbery. But the above quotes seem to be saying that I can SHARE or EMBED my videos from my wordpress blog on my google website by way of videopress. There is also a video that shows you how to get the embedding code.

    If these quotes are saying something else, what exactly are they saying?

    In short, I have a blog and website that are linked and go together. I’d like to use some of my videos on both venues. I don’t like Youtube for reasons stated in original post. Can I do this with videopress?


    A great Happiness Engineer directed me to this page:


    where you can actually test it for yourself.

    I scrolled down to the video, clicked on share in the upper left corner, grabbed the code, and inserted it into the html of my website and presto! Up popped the videopress player and video!

    So YES! I can! Given the gaps in my understanding of all things webbery, that gave me the clarity I was seeking. Hurray!

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