Uploaded a new gravatar (its been 24 hours) but nothing has changed.

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    Okay, it’s not that NOTHING changed. Sometimes when I post on a blog it displays my new gravatar (brain and head image), but other times it re-posts my old gravatar (my face). What gives? I’ve changed the gravatar twice under my Global Dashboard. Is there another setting I am missing?



    The blog I need help with is www.theemotionmachine.com.



    The blog you specified at http://www.theemotionmachine.com does not appear to be hosted at WordPress.com.

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    Ignore the support bot, because this has to do with my WordPress.com Dashboard, not anything with WordPress.org.

    Even as I type this, I can see my old Gravatar in the top left corner of my toolbar. THAT is the image I want to change.



    And, to clarify further, the image you currently see as my image (the brain) is the one I want to always appear.



    Note that there is always a time delay while your gravatar image propagates. It sometimes takes daus to change throughout the internet.

    If you are experiencing problems then just to be sure please there are no siiues go to the gravatar site and read the FAQs as it contains common questions and answers to them http://en.gravatar.com/site/faq/

    These are the best practices for uploading your gravatar:
    (1) Choose an image that scales both up and down in size without losing definition. Prepare the image prior to uploading it and make sure it’s 512 x 512 pixels or larger so it will look the best in the widest range of uses.

    (2) The image filetype has to be either PNG, GIF or JPG. Make sure the file name contains only letters and numbers – no special characters – and make sure all letters are in lowercase.

    (3) Also make sure the image file name has an extension (Example – image.jpg)

    I hope this helps. Best wishes. :)



    Yeah, this is the only image it shows on my Gravatar. Is there perhaps another “user image” separate from Gravatars?



    I’m trying ti think of a nice way to tell you that the delay in gravatar display is extremely common, and members frequently post to the forum fretting about it as can be seen by using the forum searchbox. When I changed my gravatar it took 3 days for the display to change. Only 1 day has passed since you changed your gravatar, so I encourage you to simply wait for the change to take place, okay? Reference link > http://en.support.wordpress.com/avatars/gravatars/

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