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    This is my first time uploading documents to my blog. I want to create a download link from my documents, however whenever I upload them they have no Link URL. Does anyone know what the problem could be and how I could fix it?


    Go to the media library and click on the “show” link for the document, and then click on “file URL” under the “link URL section and the URL will appear and you can copy it out.



    Hi, I’ve just had a similar problem with some PPT files I uploaded. When I click on “file URL”, the words “File URL” appear in the box above instead of the actual URL. I managed to work around it by right clicking on the file in the media gallery and copying the shortcut to use as a hyperlink but I’d prefer to do it the easy way. Anyone know how to fix this?



    Does that happen every time? I tried a couple ppts on my blog w/o any problems? If the issue persists I would contact support</>.



    To criedy: I’m not exactly sure how to fix it, but I could give you a tip that I was going to use. My download links are now actually showing up, so it seemed to fix the problem itself. However, I was going to create the link on my own before that. One thing you can do is go to HELP under UPLOADING. Then you click on the FAQ titled Uploading Documents. It’ll show a screenshot of the uploading window after your document has fully uploaded. In that example window it’ll show a link URL. It doesn’t give you a sample URL, but instead it shows you what information goes into that. So you can create the Link URL yourself. Here’s what you write: http://yourblogname.files.wordpress.com/yearuploaded/monthuploaded/uploadednameoffile (for example “document.pdf”). To fill out this URL use the file information that shows up in the completed upload window. I hope this helps!

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