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    Within the Coraline framework, I upload an image to be used as the Header image. I then crop it as directed. For a few seconds, the cropped image appears as the header, but then the header turns black. In addition, the cropped image on the Header setting page turns black, too. (But the full image that is automatically saved in the Media section remains true.) What is going on here?

    The blog I need help with is thepurifiedlife.com.



    Using the cropper is what’s causing this. Images of exactly 990 × 180 pixels will be used as-is. If the image has transparency in it or if it’s an animated gif then unless you compress and pre-size the image to the exact header size specifications prior to uploading it will render as black. Also note that using the cropper on any image results in a loss of image quality.


    Thanks- I never would have guessed. The instructions make it sound as if I simply needed to upload the photo, use the provided image cropper, and that would be it. Still makes no sense why the cropped image appears perfectly in the header for a few seconds, then turns to black. But thanks to your explanation, I will crop before uploading. Many thanks!



    You’re welcome. :)


    Im not using the cropper and upload image at the pixel size it suggest and it is still turning black???


    There is no header at all, black or otherwise on the site linked to your username, http://eyeandeyephoto.wordpress.com/ .

    If that is the site you are talking about, go to the media library in your dashboard and get a link to the image and post it here please so that we can take a look at it.


    There is the image, it comes up after i upload it in the crop and post menu, but then when i post without cropping and with cropping it comes up black in the preview


    The theme wants to see a 1024px wide by 295px tall image. If either dimension of the image is more, or less, then the image will require cropping.

    My suggestion is to size and crop the image to the exact size (down to the pixel) for the theme you are using, save it and then upload and use that image. The resize and crop feature at wordpress.com can sometimes be finicky.


    Love that photo by the way.


    I upload it at 1024 x 295 and it still demand’s that i crop it. when i do crop it it shows up pix-elated in the preview and if i dont crop it it comes up black in the preview


    The URL of the image currently uploaded as your header image is:
    The word “cropped” in the URL means the original was not 1024×295.

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