Uploaded Header image turns blurry

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    hi, i am having problems uploading a header image. i have the image as a wallpaper 1280 x 960 but after the crop the image looses definition, becomes pixely and blurry. please could you help me?!
    thanks, violet

    The blog I need help with is godisdoingforuswhatwecouldnotdoforourselves.wordpress.com.


    Crop and size it in an image editing program to the exact pixel dimensions required for the theme you are using prior to uploading it. The wordpress crop and resize leaves a lot to be desired.



    It looks to me like a thumbnail of you 1280×960 image was used somewhere in the process. It’s displayed as 960×260, but has 4×4 pixelation. That suggests something squeezed it to 240×65 then re-expanded it.

    So do as thesacredpath suggests. Make a crop of your 1280×960 to a size of 960×260 directly. If that crop sizing isn’t the view you want, make a resized copy of the original 1280×960 and try to crop that to 960×260.



    thanks for the info :) will give it a try .



    We Volunteers always recommend that every image be optimized and pre-sized to fit the space you aim to upload it into, prior to uploading the images so image quality is not compromised.

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