Uploaded image file not displaying in draft and preview

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    My image file was uploaded and showed up in Browse All. I selected it, chose Full Size (instead of thumbnail) and link to None, and clicked “send to editor”, I could see the img tag code was inserted to code view but in visual mode no image was displayed. When I clicked “preview”, the place where the image should have been was instead a broken icon with image title in it (as if the file doesn’t exist).

    if i chose Thumbnail and link to File before clicking ‘send to editor’, the thumbnail image would show in draft mode and preview mode, but then if i click on the thumbnail in preview mode, the linked image file didn’t show and i got a server maintenance message instead (in IE).

    Is anyone else having the problem?



    Which version of IE are you using? IE6 is problematic so if that’s the version you are using then upgrading to IE7 may be a good idea.


    I use IE 7.
    I sent in support ticket 2 hours ago and now it looks like they have fixed it.

    thanks for your response.



    YAY! You’re welcome.
    I’m so happy staff resolved this for you and so quickly too.
    Happy blogging. :)


    well, spoke too soon… after i published the post the image was gone (even though i was able to view it in draft mode)…

    i had to switch to thumbnail for it to show up, but when i clicked on the thumbnail i got server maintenance msg again



    What a PITA. On the up side posting here again was a good thing to do because staff do monitor these forum threads and they will be aware that your problem has come back. :(

    I would suggest doing something else for awhile while staff work on the backend “fix”.



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    The servers do seem to have been a bit funky over the past day or so, so I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that something might have gone wrong while uploading the file. I would try deleting the current image and re-uploading it.



    There are also incidental bandwidth issues all over the Internet that I’ve noticed over the past 48 hours that might be interfering with the display of the images on the blog, since the blog itself is more bandwidth-intensive than the Write Post page.


    wank, i re-uploaded the same picture under a different name and tried again, this time it appeared to have worked (the full size img showed up in post). So it does seem to be related to the uploading process.

    Thanks to everyone that responded…

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