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uploaded image not showing, just an x

  1. The .jpg files that I uploaded is not showing. It is only showing an x. I checked the size of the image (it is 14k) and I still have a lot of space to store pictures. Any ideas? Last night, after several attempts, it did show on my blog. Today, it became an x again. Is this a wordpress server problem or there is an issue during the upload process?

  2. Go to manage > uploads and see if you see the image there.

  3. Can you provide a link to the post where the image should be showing?

  4. Thanks, Raincoaster, this is the link:

    Sacredpath: Last night, after several attempts, the .jpg showed in the uploaded area (and on the blog). But today, it reverted back to an x

  5. I see the Star Alliance image. I know WP was having some image issues last night, but they seem to have been solved. Is it still not showing for you? Try deleting your browser cache and doing a forced reload of the page.

  6. Thanks. The Star Alliance image is showing up again (even without cleaning up the cache). So, I assume it is WP having image issues again. I appreciate the help and feedback.

  7. Well, I'm new at this, but I faithfully followed the uploading directions, which are pretty straightforward, but I have only a little red x also. I went ahead and stuck the image in my post and published it, just in case that did the trick, but it's still just an x. I don't think it's too big. Can someone who knows more than me (that would be almost anyone) take a look and give me a hand? Thanks.

  8. Never mind. I poked around some more and found where it says I'll have trouble downloading from my camera. I'll try to figure it out...

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