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Uploaded image thumbnail sizes

  1. Hi,

    This feature is something I deeply miss coming from Blogger. For those of you who have used Blogger before you would know that when inserting an image you have the selection of 3 thumbnail sizes.

    This feature would be fantastic for WordPress. Having that small thumbnail is pointless. It's too small to be useful for anything except for if you have maybe 5 or more images in your blog.

    I like to insert a medium sized image into my blog post at the top right hand corner in most posts , the way I have to do this now is insert the full size and then shrink it manually which causes the image to become very ugly since it hasn't been resized with any software.

    It would really make the WordPress service better if there could be a selection of thumbnail size (i.e. small, medium and large).

    I would also like to see the options for border, horizontal space and also vertical space which are only offered when inserting an image via its URL.

    Thank you,

    Marat Levit

  2. Ty for your suggestion. Ya can contact the support team via too.

  3. That could be useful. I like the small thumbnail because I don't like images getting in the way, but a few other sizes might be good. I suppose the only problem is that the larger the image is, the more risk there is that it might force the sidebar to the bottom of your blog or mess up the content.

    I'd send an email to staff to suggest it; that's the general procedure for requesting new features. [email redacted] In the meantime, if you upload a picture to Flickr and then insert it, you can choose between 4 different sizes, which is kind of what you want.

  4. What 'bout ya can resize the photo based on the percentage┬┐ That'd be great!

    Btw, if ya suggest this, they might do this as a upgrade feature.

  5. That would be a nice feature to have. Currently I upload all my images to flickr and select the most appropriate size.

    Of course, it kills the image quality but you could put width="xxx px" into the img src...

  6. It would be great to act on the original suggestion - a few thumbnail sizes would be gold!

  7. I answered you in the other thread. Please don't post the same thing twice.

  8. Just found this thread and fully agree, the thumbnails are too small to be useful. A tad bigger would let the reader decide if the bigger image is worth a click.

  9. I agree! I am now resizing all my photos manually to 486 pixels wide, and I miss the "click through for larger image" feature of blogger.

    I hope WordPress reads this...

  10. I agree! I want the thumbail to be the size of my blog, and I want to click through to a much larger image as a separate tab.

  11. Thumbnails are probably the size they are because that's the size that's been established in court as ok to use without obtaining specific permission. To make thumbnails 480 pixels wide is just weird.

    To make the picture "click to enlarge" just set it to "link to page" or "link to file" in the options before you send to editor.

  12. I agree with raincoaster. There are numerous free thumbnail tools that create thumbnail images in many different sizes available on the internet. Here's an example EasyThumbnails so why not use them?

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