Uploaded images all defaulted to original size

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    Over the last month or so, I’ve noticed that the images I upload directly via the media button in the editor, and then resize using the “slider” scale (100%, 90%, 80% etc.) doesn’t seem to retain that size once posted.
    It used to (for the last few years) and only suddenly has now all defaulted back to its original size. I’m not sure if there was some back-end setting on WordPress that might have caused this?

    It works fine on images that I insert via URL, but the ones I upload don’t retain it’s size unless I actually go into “edit image” and then “scale image” down (which a lot of times it won’t let me save that either!)

    The blog I need help with is justalillost.com.



    There is an active thread on that issue > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/wp-changed-format-of-my-pictures-why/page/13?replies=195

    There are many programs which you can use to optimize and resize images prior to uploading them into your WordPress.com blog. If you do not presize your images to fit into the maximum displayed image width for your theme and/or the dimensions specified tor featured images, prior to uploading them and rely on the cropper what you will experience is loss of image quality and images that are stretched or squashed.
    * Irfanview
    * Picasa
    * GIMP
    * Photofiltre
    * FastStone
    * Pixia



    Yes, i’m aware of how to resize them prior to uploading, but for the ones that I resized within the media uploader, it’s not keeping the resized version.

    I will check out the other post regarding this. thanks.

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