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    I have three computers, all using IE 7.0. I upload using flash and browswer, and specify the image (in this case GIF) to show at full size. Up until now I have not had a problem. What I get as of today is a smaller, blurry image. And it is the same result on every computer. I tried adjusting the size of the image with HTML to actual size, but it produced an even more blurred copy of the original GIF. I have cleared my browser cache. I have a current version of flash and the latest version of IE. Short of editing CSS in the template, which I have no idea how to do, is there anything that I am doing that is creating this problem? Or is it the WordPress media servers or the software version that is causing my images to be automatically reduced somehow?

    Someone please help!. My blog relies on visual charts and if this continues I will have to leave WordPress. I really don’t want to do that. Is it just me, or is this new dashboard buggy and unreliable? (I’m having other problems, too. Seem to be a lot of loose ends with this new setup, although I like it when it works.)


    After uploading, take the URL of the image and instead of using the new add an image section to insert it into the post, use the tree icon on the top toolbar. Paste the URL of the uploaded image into the “image URL” field and then click insert.

    The “full-sized” selection in the image uploader is not full size, but is reduced to 450px wide so it will work in all themes. They should not have called it “full-sized.”



    TSP, thanks for the reply.

    I never had this problem before. And I’m uploading from my harddrive, not the internet. So, when my computers are off, so are the images because there is no URL to pull from. In short, this is a problem.

    And why do images now have to be 450px wide? I have never had a problem with wider images (477px) before today. Has something changed? My charts are at 477px and 500px to display specific information — and to display it clearly. I really do not want to resort to thumbnails, because I do not want my readers to have to click, enlarge the image, and have another browser page on their screens. Is this now impossible? Is this something that WordPress has changed?



    after you upload your image from your computer, it will have a url. that’s the url you have to paste to make the image appear full-size.


    It was a change with the recent upgrade.

    When you upload from your hard drive, copies are saved on wordpress servers. You want the URL from the wordpress copy. If you go to media library and click on “show” the image URL will be there.

    I expect they chose 450px because it worked with virtually all themes here, and there were many, many posts here in the forum before where people were posting 800px, or 1000px or greater images in their posts which broke their themes and cause the sidebars to zip to the bottom of the themes as well as other issues.

    Your images that you upload are uploaded full size, not reduced. Use the procedure I outlined and you will get your images full size again.

    It would be nice if wordpress were to label it “large” rather than full size since it is confusing. Most people think full size means, well… full size.


    i don’t have many problems inserting images full size.

    i choose full-size while uploading anyway (cos that way i automatically get the image height and width attributes). i then go to the code mode and change the pixel values to their original values (because i use photoshop i can easily figure out image dimensions). i also get rid of the w=nnn (right after the .jpg of your image url).

    this way i get the full-size image full size. i downloaded my uploaded image to see if it is really full size.

    and it is INDEED full size.


    And why do images now have to be 450px wide?
    not all images are. my 556x wide images were full-sized to 510x. i use freshy and freshy allows 454px (alongside date) 505px (under date).

    so apparently my image is bigger than what the theme allows. but it didn’t break my layout. so i really don’t know exactly why wordpress shrinks images. if it was done keeping themes in mind, mine should have been full-sized to something around 505x.

    just my two cents.


    because i use photoshop i can easily figure out image dimensions

    one doesn’t have to have photoshop to know the height and width dimensions. just put the cursor on a thumbnail in your computer and the dimensions will show.



    So, in essence WP upgrade forces me to go through four or five more clicks and page reloads before I get my images to size…even though my theme can handle it.

    Bad move WordPress. I really don’t why this was done in the recent upgrade. But hey, I can always vote with my feet.

    Cheers TSP for your help.



    I just did a test with three different themes with three different maximum image widths, and it appears like WordPress is taking into account the post area width data when deciding how wide “full-sized” will be on a theme by theme basis as in all three cases, the image widths (same image inserted) were just under the maximum image width for the theme I was using. Further testing with Freshy will have to wait for a while since apparently wordpress is either doing maintenance, or pushing out code, and I cannot insert any images right now.

    When changing the image widths in the HTML tab for a post or a page, you have to change them by the same percentage, otherwise you change the proportions of the image and distort it in either one direction or the other. As an example, if you have a 400×300 image and wanted it 500 wide, you would have to change the 300 height by a factor of 1.25 (500/400=1.25) and set it at 375 to maintain proportion and not distort the image (final image size 500×375). You cannot just change each by a set amount without distorting the image.

    If you insert the URL of the image into the “From URL” section in the “add an image” window, it will insert the image actual full-sized with no automatic size reduction and none of the added settings it normally includes when you use the normal “insert into post” button.

    And as far as images that are too wide for a post breaking the layout, I have helped literally hundreds of people here in the forums that have had broken layouts where the sidebar goes to the bottom of the page because they were inserting images into their posts that were too wide for the post area. Firefox and Safari are more tolerant and will simply cut off the right hand side of the image (with a right hand sidebar), but IE is not so forgiving and will show the sidebar at the bottom of the page (broken) virtually every time.



    When you upload an image and it is done, copy the URL and then click the “save all changes” button at the bottom of the screen. The when the window changes, past the URL of the image into the “From URL” field and then click the “insert into post” button. It will insert your image full-sized with no changes and no automatic sizing.


    When changing the image width in the HTML tab for a post or a page, you have to change them by the same percentage, otherwise you change the proportions of the image and distort it in either one direction or the other

    don’t worry, as explained in my previous posts here, i know how to figure out the height and width dimensions. and i apply them. my images are never distorted. :D


    Then why did you confuse things here?


    Then why did you confuse things here?

    excuse me?
    what did i say here that was confusing???


    Not everyone has photoshop and not everyone knows how to change the height and width numbers to maintain proportions on their images. Again, people have done just that, change the numbers without taking into account proportions, and then posted questions here in the forum wondering why their images were distorted.


    Not everyone has photoshop

    that’s why i made this post.

    not everyone knows how to change the height and width numbers to maintain proportions on their images.
    some do , some don’t. those who can will apply the idea, those who don’t might be interested and try to learn how to do it.

    i was a newbie once and i have learned many things. and i don’t assume i am smarter than the average joe. so hopefully, the tips we share here will benefit at least some bloggers. in order to do that, it is better to avoid personal insinuations.


    a picture says a thousand words. so here is a tutorial with lots of step-by-step images that will help wordpress.com bloggers insert full-size images quickly in posts! :D

    How to easily insert full-size images in a wordpress.com blog



    See my post here for an update on full size images:


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