Uploaded images get (after some time) corrupt

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    I want to use “featured images” in my blog (Theme Twenty Ten).
    The pictures are .png, the size ist 940×198.

    Right after the first implementation in a page, it looked fine. The day after, it looked like now – distorted.
    The two pages are:

    At first, the pictures looked only bad in the pages, in the mediathek they looked OK. But then it became unpredictible. I edit a corrupt image and it looked fine in the editor, but after saving it was bad, or I edited a good one and then it was wrong in the editor. I left with one picture OK, the other bad, the day after both looked bad. I gave it up and waited for an answer on a similar question in the forum. Unfortunately, the staff’s answer was meaningless (“try an other browser”).
    Today I did a new upload, this time the picture was immediately corrupt:
    (Mediathek:) BarMHertz_Header_dia3_blog-wp2010_940x198
    The picture should look like this screenshot:
    (Mediathek:) Screeenshot_BarMHertz_Header_dia3_blog-wp2010_940x198
    This happens in Firefox21, Firefox 22 and IE8.

    Thanks for any advice.

    The blog I need help with is barmhertz.wordpress.com.



    I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    Thank you. I’ll be patient, it’s much too hot tonight for being nervous…



    Hi there, I took a look at the images on your site and in your media library. Since they sometimes look fine to you and sometime look bad (and they currently look good to me), can you try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and let me know if that resolves the issue?

    We are in the process of making some changes to improve image quality, and it’s possible that sometimes you browser is loading a cached version of a poor quality version of your image. Please let me know if you continue to see a poor quality image after clearing your cache, and I can keep investigating this for you.



    Thank you for your reply. It isn’t helpful.
    Both Browsers are configured to delete everything – cache, cookies, etc. – by leaving them. But Firefox uses per default only RAM as cache, so there is nothing to delete.
    Nevertheless, I have closed, cleared what I could and retried several times, this is not the problem.
    I have uploaded screenshots of my mediathek and both pages, as they look in the moment.
    But it is as I said – it changes from time to time. Today, after receiving your mail, one page looked OK, one was wrong. After restarting, both were bad.
    Same for the view in the mediathek – BarMHertz_Header_dia3_blog-wp2010_940x198 was at first OK, afterwards bad.

    By loading the pages into the editor, I noticed the following:
    “http://barmhertz.wordpress.com/uber-den-blog/” uses “BarMHertz_pageHeader_940x198_04” as featured image and this is what it shows me, when click on the featured image definition.
    But “http://barmhertz.wordpress.com/uber-die-bar/”, which should use “BarMHertz_pageHeader_940x198_05” shows me “BarMHertz_pageHeader_940x198_051”.

    This makes no difference in the result (both are corrupt), but perhaps this is a hint to the real problem. Your system seems to use generated images, which I can’t see in my mediathek.

    I have also uploaded a .gif-version of the image and have it configured as the default blog header. Until now, this looks fine. If it is just a .png problem, I could probabely live with it. But how will it look tomorrow?

    Thank you anyway, but I hope I get a real solution.



    Hello, I hope you didn’t feel my last sentence as offensive, I didn’t intend that.

    Forget what I wrote about the _05 and _051 image. In the beginning I uploaded the image several times again, hoping to get a correct version, so this may be the reason for that naming.

    But to open my blog I really need a solution.
    In the mean time I took a closer look at .gif and .jpeg as alternatives, but they won’t work. .gif changes the colours too obvious. With .jpeg the difference is smaller, but it looses also the sharp contours, so I must use no compression, which gives rather big files (34 kB versus 2 kB with .png).

    I made two new pages to test two slightly different images, they look OK till now.



    Hi there,

    Thank you for the additional information about the problem, and I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you about this sooner. I spoke with our team, and we are getting ready to make a change that is meant to improve image quality in cases like this. This should correct the problem that you are experiencing with these images.

    I will let you know as soon as that change is made, and if you continue to have trouble with this we will keep working on it! Thanks for your patience.



    Thank you for your answer!
    In fact, it seems already to work, at the moment all header images look fine.

    I’m patient, my blog is still private because I am still working on the design and the first posts, and this will take some time. Now I know that I can go on and keep my designs.
    Anyway, I thought that it’s weekend and you guys enjoy your leisure time.



    Just to keep you informed: Today, the two problematic headers and both images in the mediathek look bad again… It could be funny to watch them change, if it wasn’t annoying.



    Thanks for checking in — I’m sorry for the wait, as I know this issue is frustrating. I will be checking with our team again this week to see what we can do about it. The change I mentioned before hasn’t been implemented yet, but I should be able to get more information about it after the weekend.



    Hi there,

    Thanks so much for your patience with this. Our team implemented the fix I mentioned before, and we’re hoping this clears up the problem you were seeing with the images on your site. Can you please try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and then let me know how the images look to you? Thanks!



    Sorry for letting you wait.
    Shortly after your message, it looked still bad, so I waited some days. After a week it was OK.
    I have now restarted my blog with new images and everythig looks fine. It’s now public! Thanks.



    I’m so glad the images are looking good now. :) Happy blogging!

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