Uploaded images (gif, jpg, png) show as broken

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    I uploaded a few new images today, in gif, jpg and png format. They all uploaded fine but the thumbnails and resulting image if I insert them into a page all show as a broken image. This happens whether I try to upload directly into a page/post, or if I ‘Add New’ to the Media Library. If I edit the uploaded image (add caption, alt. text) and actually click on the button to edit the actual image, it presents the image correctly – I can re-scale it, rotate it, etc and I’m seeing the picture I uploaded. But as soon as I save it, the thumbnail goes back to a broken image and I can’t use it in a page.

    On my home page, I had an image that I uploaded in december. I edited my home page today and removed that image from the page – now if I try to put it back, it is showing as a broken image. So all images, old and new, show as a broken image now.

    Please help !!


    The blog I need help with is kurteichenbergerblog.wordpress.com.


    Is there something wrong with the http://<blog&gt;.files.wordpress.com URL/server? If I edit one of my uploaded images (broken), on the right side of the page I see this:

    File URL:

    But if I paste that into a browser, I get a 404 Not Found.

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