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Uploaded Images not showing in blog posts

  1. I am currently having an issue where when we upload a photo to the media library it does not appear as a thumbnail, but as a blank box.

    When we link to this file in a post, it appears as a broken link, however when we try and edit the picture it is most definitely there.

    I have seen other posts with this issue and relating to companies web servers and the permissions on the uploads folder. However our blog is being hosted by WordPress. So I am not sure how best to check permissions on the folder or if I even can.

    I have tried looking for what version of wordpress we are on as well but this is not in the dashboard.

    If there is someone who can help I would be most grateful.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your pictures are taking forever to load; it's possible your browser has just choked on them and given up, presenting you with blank boxes. I certainly see all your images if I wait long enough. Can you try a post where your images are optimized for the web, ie 72 dpi (most cameras have a setting for this) and see if the issue persists there?

  3. Hi
    I have uploaded a few photos but they are not shown up in my blog. The pictures were successfully uploaded but the they appear as blank box only.

    I would be most grateful for your help.

    Blog :
    Email : [email redacted]

    Thanks and regards
    Jasmine Foong

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