Uploaded PDF file gets downloaded instead of opening when clicked on the link

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    I was able to upload the documents properly till yesterday. But today after I upload the pdf document file, save the post and when I open the post and click on the link, the pdf file gets downloaded instead of being opened for reading. What is the problem?
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    The blog I need help with is amrutmanthan.wordpress.com.


    We cannot help without a link to the blog and to the page or post where this is happening.

    Generally though this is a browser setting. Do you have the adobe reader plugin installed in your browser? Usually if you do, then when you click on the file it will open within the browser using the plugin. They always do for me.



    There is a setting on Adobe – I have mine set to ask me what I want to do with the file – save to disk or open



    But all was well till yesterday when I posted my last article. The pdf linked to it is still getting downloaded properly. However, it is only when I posted a new article today that the problem started. What and how could the settings have changed? I never faced this problem during the last 18 months that I have been working on wordpress.
    What is the setting on Adobe that I need to change? And how to change it?



    Understood. But, as thesacredpath said, we cannot help you without the link to the blog and to the page/post in question.



    Finally I got it !! It worked OK with the same file when I reduced the length of the name of the pdf file. The name was in a unicode based non-English language. So it generally takes more characters of memory storage than English. And when the name itself was long in that language, it must be exceeding the internal character limit set by the wordpress software specs. It worked only when I cut the length of the name short. This can be a bug. You may please experiment and confirm. Thanks to all of you, who spent precious time trying to help me. May God bless you !!



    If you would please contact Staff with how long long is and the unicode thing it might help the next person and let Staff take a look at the software and address the problem.




    Thanks for the advice. I have posted the issue with the Support. Let’s see what they come back with.



    As suggested by the Happiness/Support Engineer, I am giving below the old and new file names. Both the names are in Unicode (Script = Devnagari Marathi, Language = Marathi, an Indian language spoken by about 110 million people).
    1. OLD FILE NAME = अमृतमंथन_हिंदुस्थानी संगीताची आणि संस्कृतीची लाहोरी शोधकथा_ले० अंजली कीर्तने_101212
    2. NEW FILE NAME = अमृतमंथन_लाहोरी शोधकथा_ले० अंजली कीर्तने_101212
    Whenever I tried to upload the pdf file with the old name, in the upload dialogue box also it showed file name as just ‘pdf’. Thereafter whenever one tried to open the file in the article by clicking on the link in the article, it just downloaded the file without opening it. Later when I noticed the short name ‘pdf’ in place of the complete name, I suspected that it had to do something with the name. So I tried giving a shorter name, which worked.
    You may check out the article at the following link.
    I hope this information would enable you to detect the bug and rectify it. If you need any more information, please do let me know.
    Thank you very much.
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