Uploaded photo not attached to current post?

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    Hey guys!

    Once in a week, when I make a post on my photo blog, I upload a photo and then click on “Insert into Post”. The problem is, after publishing the post, if I got to Media Library, the newly uploaded photo is not attached to the newly published post! Then, I again delete the post and the pic, and re-upload it and insert it into the new post, and only then does it attach itself to the post! Why is this?

    The blog I need help with is uberpix.wordpress.com.



    How long has this been going on? Which browser and version are you using? Can you give us a direct link to a post like this?



    I know this problem too, don’t know what to do with it.



    @raincoaster: Usually when this happens, I go to that post’s particular edit page, delete image, re-upload it, and voila, it works! I use Google Chrome, and this problem happened with the latest post- http://www.uberpix.wordpress.com

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