Uploaded photos change colour?

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    When I upload a photo to my blog, it appears very washed out and not at all bright.

    I found a forum discussing this problem, and they discussed that wordpress alters the images, which in turn dilutes the image. In this forum they found the code that does the altering. But where do I find this code?


    I purchased the VIMES template from WPZOOM.

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    I purchased the VIMES template from WPZOOM.

    There is no blog linked to your username and you failed to post a link to the blog in question. Please read this > WordPress.com vs WordPress.org and note that those with free hosted WordPress.com blogs who get help on these support forums do not have FTP access to their blogs and they cannot upload any third party themes. If you are referring to a free hosted WordPress.com blog the only themes you can use are found here . Appearance > Themes. If you are referring to a WordPress.org install then you are posting to the wrong support forums and ought to be posting to http:// wordpress.org instead.

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