uploaded photos without default link to full size files

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    i just uploaded a photo to my blog (chaoticsoul), and even though it shows the medium sized image, there’s no link to the full sized file (800×600 pixel). fiddling around on the upload menu got the result that i have to activate the file url “by hand”, which was activated by default since some hours ago.

    another glitch in the software? i hope so since it makes no sense to get rid of a useful default setting.


    WordPress has added a bunch of new settings for controlling how images are inserted into your posts by default. Go to settings > media and you can now set default sizes, alignment, and whether or not the image will link to the full-sized original.

    This will allow everyone to set things up the way they want them.



    TSP, Thanks for the info. I noticed they had done something to the uploader (much to my liking, I must add) but I hadn’t noticed they had done something to the Settings, too. That’s nice. I’ve been waiting for that.


    I got the scoop from a reply on a thread done by bubel. I probably should have cross-linked the thread URL, but was lazy.



    Made a small mention of it yesterday in this thread

    I just can’t keep up, no sir.

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