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    Hi there

    I’m over at justjane.com- trying to upload a new skin but I apparently don’t have the WP Upload N option under the Presentation tab…anyone know how I can get this?




    If that’s a WordPress.com blog — free — you can’t upload any themes because we all share the same underlying backbone for our blogs.

    If it’s a WordPress.org blog — self-hosted — you can get help at




    Maybe the poster is thinking about the blog located at http://justjane.wordpress.com/ ?

    As an aside and if that’s your blog, you’re not fully setup for the domain mapping. You may being doing this for a reason but you do have the option to have http://itsjustjane.com/ work as the URL for that blog instead of it resolving to the jj.wp.com url. Visit Dashboard -> Upgrades -> Domains and look for that “Put Blog Here” link. If you click on that, it will change which URL is the primary one and you can switch back and forth between them.

    But to answer the question, those skins are made for WordPress blogs, the version found and downloaded from http://wordpress.org 99% of the time, when you see the term ‘wordpress,’ that’s the version of the WP software that they are talking about. usually when folks mean the version of wordpress found here at wp.com, they’ll mention wordpress.com specifically. End users here do not have the option to upload their own themes here as it’s shared files and allowing file level access would be a major security risk.

    Hope this helps,

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