Uploading a Video and Also allowing users to view

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    Hi all
    I would like to upload a video from photobucket I downloaded the post to word press but it says you have the wrong blog url ?
    NExt can i just give a pw to people to read my blog without them having to create a account ?
    Thank you



    It’s a good idea to start by looking at the FAQ for answers to your questions. Here’s the link:

    Short form of answers: Photobucket videos can’t be used on our blogs. Certain other kinds can. The FAQ has the list.

    If your blog is public, nobody needs an account to read it.

    Please link your username to your blog by changing the link on your Profile page. It saves us time if we can see your blog and answer your questions with specific reference to your own blog. Other sites are irrelevant here in the WordPress.com technical help forums.


    Hi thanks for responding
    I did check the FAQ *uploading video* and couldnt find any answer
    But on the *write* page it has ” Post to WordPress button Use VodPod to post videos from hundreds of sites (beta)”

    So I d/l that and I have that working BUT in the pop up box it has this

    WordPress Blog Details
    URL of your blog

    and when i put it in http://mylifeinmotion.wordpress.com
    it says INVALID BLOG URL

    I dont want to have it public that is why I asked is there a way of passwording it *without* having to make people join word press



    Can anyone shed some light on this for me please ?



    Does that software work with wordpress.com hosted blogs is the real question. In most of those, you upload to “wordpress” but they mean the other software downloaded from wordpress.org and put on your choice of web host. WordPress.com is a hosting service that runs software that is different than that being downloaded there. This is a “multi user” atmosphere and doesn’t work all the time with software solutions. Check to find out if they work with wordpress.com hosted blogs. That is probably why the “invalid URL”.




    Wait, I’m confused. Have you registered mylifeinmotion.wordpress.com? When I type that in, I get redirected to the main wordpress.com page. If you haven’t registered it, that’s why you’re being told that it’s an invalid blog url. Register it, then try again after you have things ready to go.

    If you have registered that blog name, which I’m pretty sure you haven’t (since I can’t even get to a log-in screen by putting ‘/wp-admin’ at the end of it) and it’s redirecting by some behind the scenes business, my next question is Are you putting the ‘http://’ before the blog name in the vodpod extension? I don’t think you need to, and when I opened mine, it skipped that and went right to the blog name.

    I just tried using the Firefox vodpod button from a random photobucket video, and it worked fine.


    The blog you have linked to your username is not a wordpress.com blog. Could you post the URL to your wordpress.com blog please?

    If you are not hosted here, then what we are telling you might not work for you. If you are self-hosted, then you need to ask your question over at http://wordpress.org/support .


    Okay forgive my blog ignorance lol I am so lost I have a blog my life in motion at word press.com
    On my profile it says Primary Blog: mylifeinmotion.wordpress.com

    It is completely private though..Which thats ok isnt it ? you dont have to have a public blog ? I thought the idea of a blog was to write down your thoughts kinda like a diary ? and if you want to share then you do otherwise its private and you can allow others access ? right ?
    or is that not the idea lol

    Anyway Its definitely there I have pages and pages on it :) I have 67 posts …

    It did come up with “click here if you are having trouble” and then has a section for reporting it- so I have reported it to vodblog

    I tried with http without it and with www and without it

    Thanks for helping me out..



    You cannot use Photobucket video at all on a WordPress.com blog. You can use it on an independently-hosted blog that uses WordPress software, but that’s not what youv’e got.

    What you can do is take that photobucket video and upload it to YouTube instead, then follow the FAQ instructions to use that.

    As for privacy, different people have different reasons for blogging and the choice to go public or not is up to you. I, personally, want to get famous and I’m using my blog to do that. But you can do private blogging too if you want. It’s just harder for us to help you because we can’t look directly at your blog and see what’s going on with it.



    You cannot use Photobucket video at all on a WordPress.com blog. You can use it on an independently-hosted blog that uses WordPress software, but that’s not what youv’e got.

    Again, I tried a photobucket video the other night with the vodpod/Firefox/WordPress extension and it worked fine.

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