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Uploading a video won't work.

  1. Hello,
    I am filming make-up tutorial videos for my blog
    However, when I tried to upload a video last time it took 25minutes, refreshed itself and didn't work. I have been waiting 15minutes for this one now and it's not doing anything. They are under 1GB so I don't see the problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What kind of video are you referring to? Is this a videopress question? Do you have the videopress upgrade?

  3. I'm kind of new to wordpress so I don't really get what you're saying sorry :P
    I've got a free blog and I click add media when i'm trying to add a video. I don't have the upgrade as I don't pay anything for my blog - it's a university project. It's a video I recorded from my phone if that helps?

  4. It's a video I recorded from my phone if that helps?

    The VideoPress upgrade allows you to host and play videos right from your blog. VideoPress is priced per year and per blog. You can purchase it from the Upgrades panel of your dashboard. currently supports embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, DailyMotion, Viddler,, TED Talks, and Videolog. If the service is not listed, you can give Vodpod a try, as it allows you to embed videos from thousands of different sites and services.

  5. I am currently uploading it on to my youtube account as we speak so i'll just try and URL it from there. Thanks.

  6. You're welcome. Once you have done that here's a tip using the youtube shortcode works every time for me. [youtube] embeds a YouTube video. ยป Full instructions

  7. I uploaded it to youtube and it's been removed because it was too long :S it was only 20 minutes... this is really annoying :P

  8. What can I say other than, edit it and reduce it?

  9. I guess so... this is the third time i've tried to do a tutorial and none of them worked. I think it's a sign...

  10. elahhhlala...try another video upload site...I personally use MPORA, which is only sports, and they allow videos of whatever length, but if they are under 1gb...

    Also, why not try Facebook...videos there can be below 25minutes and under 1gb too...

  11. Because neither of those let you post to your blog.

    If you're going to upload to your account directly, you need the Videopress upgrade and the Space Upgrade. I actually recommend YouTube instead. You CAN upload videos longer than ten minutes, but there are some hoops to jump through first, like I think you have to have several videos already. You can also just break the video into two parts; lots of people do that.

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