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    I am trying to upload a picture for an avatar. I have looked thru the forums and can’t find my answer…sorry, if I just couldn’t find it and the answer is out there…

    When I upload it, it takes me to the page that says, “which part of the picture would you like for your avatar?” and shows me the cropping box. But the picture is not there. Its jsut a big grey box.

    So, I tried cropping anyway and my avatar ends up being brown & white stripes.




    Browser, browser version, OS and any security programs you may be running please.

    Also what is the filename of the file including extention as well as the size in kb please.


    Firefox 5.0 (?)


    No security.

    I’ve tried all files–big small, etc. You want the filename as in directly from my computer? Are you trying to make sure I’m using a jpeg? I am. Be more specific, I’m not too tech-y.



    filename please like myimage.jpg

    filesize too please in kilobytes. It should tell you in what mac uses for a file manager

    It is firefox though, right? Firefox is only up to version 2. SHould tell you under the Help menu along the top.



    I’m having this problem as well. The crop display is completely grey. I’ve tried in IE 7 and Firefox Filename is derek.jpg (it is a JPEG image). Any resolutions?



    Some people have reported success with clearing their browser cache, so try that.



    No luck…still a big grey box on the crop screen.



    If you think this is a problem that requires a technical fix then you will have to send staff a feedback containing as much information as possible so they can remedy this from the back-end.



    Probably. How large is the file in kb? There is a max size that the cropper can handle. I think it’s a meg but they’re discussing it over in wp.org land.

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