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Uploading Audio Files To WordPress?

  1. Hey everyone, quick question. I have a podcast that I make and post as a video on YouTube. It's great and all if people know about it, but I'm looking for posting it on iTunes. Now, from what I understand to be listen on iTunes the files have to be hosted somewhere first, and then I create a feed and submit it to iTunes. That's great and all, but I don't own a server and am now sort of stuck. Is there a way to upgrade my WordPress blog ( to upload the 45+ minutes long audio files in a fashion that will allow me to sumbit to iTunes? All advice is welcome :) Thanks in advance

  2. Those links helped a lot - thanks :)

    Just making sure I understood, though; if I were to purchase a space expansion I would be able to upload any MP3 file onto my blog which would then be linked to my RSS creator which would be listed on iTunes?

  3. I'm sorry but I have no experience with this at all. Here are the accepted file types > Hopefully, another vOlunteer who does have podcasting experience will post into this thread in the next few hours. If not then you will have to contact Staff by using the Help button on the top right hnad corner of your Admin page.

  4. Thanks for your help :)

  5. You're welcome but fo hang in there as another Volunteer may log-in and be able to provide more help. :)

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