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    I have a domain name with 1and1 which is currently redirected to my wordpress blog. I need to upload my wordpress blog with all it’s content to 1and1. I’ve set everything up with 1and1 and have been trying to transfer files via Filezilla. On the export page on wordpress I’ve tried exporting all content from my blog but end up with a very small xml file – It’s not the complete website/blog.
    I’ve been able to upload the wordpress application but lose the blog – doing it that way would mean starting again.
    Does anyone know what I need to do to extract a folder from wordpress with ALL my blog content?

    The blog I need help with is neilturnercounselling.wordpress.com.


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    If you are moving to a self-hosted blog using the WordPress.org software, you first need to obtain appropriate web hosting and have your WordPress.org blog/site up and running before transferring your content.

    <p>The content transfer process is similar to that described above (between WordPress.com blogs):</p>

    1. In the old blog, go to Tools β†’ Export and download the XML (<abbr title=”WordPress eXtended RSS”>WXR</abbr>) file to your computer.
    2. In the new blog, go to Tools β†’ Import β†’ WordPress and upload the file you downloaded in step 1. Make sure that you choose the option to Download & import file attachments. This option will be available after you upload the file.

    <p>Note that the above assumes that you are using the latest version of the WordPress software. If you are having troubles getting your WordPress.org installation up and running, please refer to the appropriate forums.</p>

    quotes above from here:

    I’ve exported and imported my blog several times (.com to .com) without problems. I don’t know why you are having a problem, but perhaps another volunteer will have some insight to assist you.

    Some details about what you are doing, the problems you encounter would be useful.


    Thanks for that. I’m trying to move files from wordpress.com not .org. When I select export from the tools menu and choose all content I just get an xml file with 188k of content – 1and1, who are the hosting site where I want to transfer the blog, say this is not the complete content. It does seem very small.
    What size file do you get when you export your blog?


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    I’m trying to move files from wordpress.com not .org.

    yesβ€” that is the link I gave you, about moving from WordPress.com to WordPress.org:

    My latest export xml file (600 plus posts, 18 pages) was about 17 mb. But if you are talking about the site linked to your username, there is not very much content: 5 posts and 4 pages, so the file could be that small. Or is it a different site you are trying to export?

    If you are planning to use WordPress.Org software then you need to have that installed before you can import your wp.com site to it.

    I’m not familiar with 1and1, and this may not be relevant, but does it provide one-click installation of wp.org software? You said:

    I’ve been able to upload the wordpress application but lose the blog – doing it that way would mean starting again.

    Your wp.com site won’t automatically be loaded into the original install of the wp.org software. You have to import that separately.


    Thankyou but I’m not doing anything with wordpress.org. What I want to do is create a file with all my wordpress.com content so I can upload it to another domain (1and1).
    How did you create a file with all your content of 17mb? – that’s what I want to know.
    if I go into tools on an individual blog and export I get a very small file without all the content. How did you do it?

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