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    I had posted a question on how to make documents available for download on my blog. I received an answer but still can’t seem to make it work. I tried to upload a word document into a post but only the file name seems to upload. Obviously I am doing something wrong. Any help would be great. thanks


    You just have to click “File URL” after uploading and before inserting. And you only need to do this once: the uploader will remember your preference from then on.

    For a doc you have already uploaded, click Add Media > Media Library > Show > File URL > Insert.


    When inserting the document into the post or page, first highlight the text that you would like to use as the link to the file. The click on the insert image button, then if the document has not been uploaded yet, choose the file and upload it. When it has uploaded, but prior to inserting it into the post, click on the “file URL” button and then click on insert into post.

    If the file has already been uploaded, then click on the “insert image” button then click on the media library tab at the top of the insert/upload window, navigate to the file in the media library, then click on the “show” link for that file, then before inserting it, make sure and click on the “file URL” button. Then click on the insert into post. The text that you had chosen will now be the link to the file.

    If you do not choose any text in the post or page before inserting, just make sure and click on the “file URL” button and what will be inserted into the post will be the file name of the document and it will be linked to the file.



    Ok thanks. I got it!! Sorry “thesacredpath”, i wasnt following what u were telling me the first time u answered. Thanks again.

    One last question…can i also make these forms available as a pdf file?


    Same thing, same procedure.


    You’re welcome.

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