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    Hi there,

    I have been trying to upload scanned in pdf files onto my blog. I followed directions and minimized the files, and then bought more space. I’m still not able to load the files–they are all text, but scanned in, so they might read as images.

    Please help! It uploads it, but can’t be opened!!



    I don’t see this on your blog. As I read it, you’re able to upload them but they don’t open upon download, right?

    Not trying to be a pain but you don’t give us any details to help you. Can you at least point us to the uploaded file, where you’re using it on your blog, and give us the reason why the file aren’t useable? (ie are you getting an error or is it something else?)

    edit: Are we talking about *.pdfs or *.txt files? You mention both.

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