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Uploading Flickr

  1. I moved here fromg, so I'm just getting used to things.

    I put the flickr widget on my sidebar, but how in the world do I get it to do my own flickr images? I dont know where to go to put in my user name, or to make my flickr badge appear. How do I do it?

  2. I'd like to thank everyone for their response to my post. lol.

  3. It should have one of those squares with three lines to put in your information like the one does but it appears that it doesn't. I would send in a feedback from your Dashboard pointing this out to them. Unless I'm missing something myself but I don't see anything and there's nothing on the about it either.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help,

  4. I think, they just implemented this widget (it's new - or better: I saw it today the first time) and perhaps they are not finished with it yet.
    That's probably also the reason, why there is no new-post about the flick'r widget.

  5. I just noticed it today too. They'll probably fix it soon.

  6. i thought it'd been around for a while and that i hadnt noticed it. waiting for it to start working :D

  7. ok - if the flickr widget is new then my NEW qustion is -

    If I want to add something like flickr to my site, how would I go about that? What if it isnt flickr - but something else with html or java type junk. (I know, such technical terms)

    I know you can make another text box, but I know it doesnt accept all html type stuff. In order to really customize my site I would need hosting, correct?

  8. >>In order to really customize my site I would need hosting, correct?

    Yes. Correct. At the moment, they only allow for minor customization...mostly through the use of Sidebar Widgets. There are a lot of existing threads concerning customization, adding plug-ins, JavaScript, Java, etc. You might want to look around and see if anything has already been written that might help you. has a nice page with simple hosting packages.

    Cheers. =^.^=

  9. marianaymanuel

    I have the same problem. I've spend hours and hours to make it work, but it doesn't. It'd be very to have Flickr Badge on my blog. Why I can't???????????????? if it is there...
    Kisses from Argentina!

  10. I guess they decided to take the flickr widget down until they make it work! Its not a widget on my computer anymore anyway...

    I hope they put it back up, I loved having flickr when I used, Id love to have it here too!

  11. I saw a couple blogs where the Flickr widget is working. It doesn't show up on my widgets menu, though.

  12. It's been mentioned a few times that not all themes have the widgets yet and some themes have more widgets than others. Staff is currently working on them theme by theme and widget by widget. (and I'm assuming server by server)

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