Uploading Header Image and cropping

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    Total WP newbie here. I’m using Firefox on a MacG4. When I upload a jpeg the picture does not appear in the crop box; there’s just a grey background with the crop lines and handles. I can’t see what I want to crop. Even if I crop the image blind, only the top 1/3 of the original image appears in my header every time. I also tried doing this with Safari, but i can’t choose a file to upload because when I click the field only crop lines and handles appear. Is this a browser issue? Is my 2.6 MB image too large? I see the image on my blog, but want to crop it and can’t.


    I’m having a similar issue on my Macbook Pro. I upload a header image. If upload a .png file, It separates out the text in my image from the background and only displays the text. After cropping I get my logo, but with a black background instead of white. See here for an example.



    I´m having similar issue on my windows xp, too.
    When i look at my blog, after uploading my header, there is still the standart header, not the header i have uploaded.ß



    Muff, make sure that you clear your cache and do a forced reload of the page that you’re looking at. The old image is still probably in your browser’s cache and it may just be using that one.



    2.6 MB ? Holy Moly! That is way too large! Even if you got that to work it would take anyone on a 56k modem forever just to see your page. You need to go get some paint software and change that image to a JPG(the file size you state indicates a BMP file).Do a search on google for free paint software.

    My header is 35k and that is ideal.



    I missed that.

    2.6megs for a header image? That’s the size of a written novel. I know that staff has placed size limits on uploaded header images and chances are you are hitting that. (No, I don’t know if there’s a max size in case anyone is wondering.)

    As axe mentions, please remember that many folks are still on dial up, even here in the states. Over excessive images are probably the quickest way to make folks leave your website.



    I have a similar problem. My image is 80kb, and when I try to upload the header image onto my blog, the image either doesn’t show up, or it is a black background, and no image.

    Cleared my cache, forced reloaded the web page, but still to no avail. HELP!

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