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Uploading header image doesn't work

  1. niluconsulting


    I have a problem uploading the header. The upload starts and does not complete regardless of the method used. I have been experiencing the same problem with my custom design enabled site

    Operating System : Windows 7 (Home Premium).
    Browsers : Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox

    Really hope you can help fix this...



    The blog I need help with is

  2. niluconsulting

    The site I am working on now is


  3. Hi, a few questions:

    What is the file extension of the header image?
    Are you using the flash uploader (drag&drop/select file), or the browser uploader?
    What versions of Chrome/Firefox are you using?

  4. Are you uploading the header in the exact size called for at appearance > header?

    What type of image is it, JPG, PNG, GIF?

  5. And JJ beat me to it.

    G'day Jennifer.

  6. niluconsulting

    Sorry, the error message is : "The connection was reset". in both browsers.

  7. Good evening tsp!

    @niluconsulting-could you help us out by answering our questions? :)

  8. niluconsulting

    Hi, sorry I just stepped away for a few minutes..... thanks a lot for responding!! :-)

    * The chrome versions appears to be 15.0.874.121 m

    * I tried JPG and PNG

    * I used the browser uploader

    * I was uploading exact size indicated by the theme : 960x200

  9. niluconsulting

    If it helps: I had some upload issues with Flickr as well....

  10. niluconsulting

    Thanks, I am reading the links you sent...

  11. I'm having a similar problem. I'm

    I'm using Windows 7 on a Dell XPS and IE 9. My theme is Coraline

    I had an old header in my media library and wanted to restore it. That doesn't seem possible, so I tried to upload it from my computer. I used the original cropped version and everything and double checked that my image was smaller than the Coraline image size. I tried it as a JPEG and GIF. When I hit "upload" nothing happens. I ran CCleaner and still no joy. I'm missing something but can't figure out what. Any thoughts would be welcome.

  12. Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again and let us know what happens. Sometimes this is a cookie or cache issue.

  13. Thanks thesacredpath! I did just as you suggested and it worked like a charm. Two thumbs up for quick and valuable help!

  14. You are welcome, and remember that little trick. It most times straightens out dashboard related issues.

  15. niluconsulting

    Hi, my upload started to work shortly after the last comment... :-) I waited a while to see if it would continue work... I didn't do anything... though I did call up the ISP and inform them that I have an upload problem. They denied any issue from their side :-P I even told them if there could be a cache issue at network level...

    But the next day, I disabled the header because I was testing how it would look without the image. I tried to upload a new header - it didn't work.

    Later I tested by enabling an already uploaded header and then uploading the new one. Bingo! it worked. I don't know if this was just pure chance though...

  16. niluconsulting

    Hi, The problem is still persisting. My site URL:

    I have tried uploading the header from both Chrome and Firefox.

    Chrome error: The connection to was interrupted.
    Firefox error: The connection was reset

    FYI the media uploading doesn't work either... :-(

    Really need your help !!!! Any advice?

  17. If it is happening in two different browsers and is happening uploading a header or media, I think you need to contact your ISP and see what they say.

    The last suggestion I would have would be to reboot your internet modem (cable/DSL/whatever), then shutdown your computer and restart it so that everything is reset.

    If that doesn't work definitely talk with your ISP about it.

  18. niluconsulting

    Thanks for your advice @thesacredpath... I will definitely contact them :-( I use an internet dongle at home. I will check it out from another network as well... Thanks again..

  19. You are welcome and best of luck.

  20. niluconsulting

    Thanks :-)

  21. niluconsulting

    Hi @thesacredpath its working now!! *fingers crossed*

    I did a complete refresh as suggested by you in this thread and also sticking to one uploading window/activity at a time... to be on the safe side :-) So far so good...

    I didn't call the ISP yet because I wanted to see if the above would work...

    Changed the theme too :-)

    Thanks so much for your support...

  22. You are welcome.

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