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Uploading Images in My Dashboard

  1. Is there a way to upload image without having to go to the "Write" section of My Dashboard? I've raised my post ID number through the roof by going to "Write" each time I wanted to upload an image. I didn't see a place to do it under "Manage" -> "Uploads". Thanks!

  2. Afraid not. Each image (and Page while I'm thinking about it) gets assigned a Post ID.

  3. Is that something that might be changed in future revisions of WordPress? It seems like, to me, that there should be the option to upload images while in the Manage -> Uploads section in addition to the one under Write.

  4. Probably not. Each post gets assigned a Post IP number for those cases where you link to it as a Page.

    You're not publishing as you upload, are you?

  5. I'm not sure I follow 100%, but I know when I uploaded my pictures I didn't hit Publish or Save, even. Really though, I shouldn't be worrying myself over something simple as Post ID number. hehe.

  6. You can upload without making a post, though. Go to the Write page and use the Upload function and then when you are done just click away. It shouldn't give you a post number if you don't post.

    Check under Manage and see if you've got a million drafts there; just delete the ones with no content. But like I said, you shouldn't have any.

  7. Having a post ID is good. If you have the CSS upgrade option, there is lots of stuff you can do with this, as the CSS can apply to this ID.

  8. I think I understand my confusion... if only I had read the first reply more carefully...

    Thanks to everyone who replied!

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