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Uploading Images through Add Media Button No Longer Working

  1. P.S. My guess based on your response above is that you are using IE9 (released way back in 2011) on Windows 7, when IE11 is the most current stable version.

  2. stephanielbishop

    I am also having the same issue. Some photos will load, some won't. I have tried loading them as I write my blog and from the dashboard. Same problem from both areas. I am using the latest edition of Firefox, have cleared my cache, forced refreshed and updated my flash player. What else can I do?

  3. Hi @juliakovach,

    We are constantly updating We're not sure the exact thing at this point which has caused the issues with uploading, however we are still working on it. The suggestion of alternate browsers is a way in which folks can still use their sites and not be quite so negatively impacted!


    When you are uploading your files and some aren't working, are you getting an error message at all? If so, what? Have you tried this on a different browser yet, and if so are you getting the same error?

    I mentioned to someone else earlier that they try using the Browser Uploader. Could you give that a try and let me know if it works for you? Here are the steps:

    When you go to Media Library >> Add New, there is a link we have in case there is any issue with our drag-and-drop uploader which says "Try the Browser Uploader." It's just below the window where you can drop files. Let me know if you don't see it.


  4. stephanielbishop

    The error I am getting says in a red box, "http error". I used Internet Explorer to upload images after your reply and it worked! I then switched to Firefox to make sure the images were still there and could be loaded into my blog. That also worked! Although there are a couple of extra steps, I can now at least get my photos into my blog. Thank you for your help!

  5. jeremeylduvall

    Hi Everyone,

    The uploading issues in IE9 should be fixed. Please let me know if you experience any additional trouble.

  6. Peace be upon you guys ,
    I still have the same problem, I'm using Google chrome , I have the latest WP .
    I tried internet explorer too , also I tried the browser upload on both browsers ,still the same result .
    I used this plugin " Default to GD" , it didn't work too
    Please help

  7. jeremeylduvall

    Hi @sunbaghdad,

    Judging by your use of plugins, it sounds like you're on a self-hosted blog. You've reached support for the free sites hosted at Since I can't access your site dashboard, I'm unable to provide direct support.

    You can read more about the difference between and here:

    If you're looking for additional support for your blog, you can find support for self-hosted WordPress sites here:

    If I had to guess, I would probably say this is a plugin issue. I would start by disabling all plugins and see if that fixes the issue!

  8. Thank you , I was just uploading huge pictures like 8000*3000 or like that , I re sized it , and it worked .

  9. jeremeylduvall

    Great to hear!

  10. The problem is now fixed for IE9 and I hope it will continue this way. Thanks!

  11. jeremeylduvall


  12. I'm having this same problem with my site. I tried both Firefox and Chrome, as well as the iOS app and Safari on my iPhone. Nothing works. Bluehost tried to help me, but the closest they got was that a new admin account could upload photos. My main still can't, and this is a big issue. Please help!

  13. jeremeylduvall

    Hi there,

    Can you clarify what blog address you're referring to?

  14. "Add Media" not working on my site as well. Was working until about two weeks ago. Last plugin installed was Role Scoper Version 1.3.63 around the time "add media" stopped. Have tried deactivating plugins but no joy. Using IE11 and Firefox 32.0.1on Win7.

  15. jeremeylduvall

    @iwthompson - It sounds like you're using a self-hosted site. Since I can't directly access the files from your site, I'm limited in how much help I can provide. You might want to contact your hosting provider to see if they can provide more assistance.

    One thing you may want to try is making sure you have the latest version of installed (4.0), installing a generic theme like Twenty Twelve, and disabling all plugins. Sometimes that can fix the issue and help you identify what might be causing the Add Media button to stop functioning.

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