Uploading Images through Add Media Button No Longer Working

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    Hi @ppc910 – While we try to support as many browser versions as possible, we cannot support Firefox 16.0. You’ll need to either update your operating system so you can run a newer version of Firefox or try another browser like Google Chrome.


    Hey Paula,

    I’m not 100% sure the exact change that caused this. We’re constantly updating WordPress.com so it’s hard to pinpoint the particular code change that triggered the issue with Firefox 16 and lower.

    As I mentioned, there are many benefits to keeping your browser up-to-date that extend far beyond WordPress.com. I would suggest updating if possible. The latest OS X (Mavericks as of right now) is free from Apple here:



    I am trying from https://findingourpiece.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php# no luck . Go to select and nothing. I can’t update from IE( or change my browser on the computers I use. Frustrating not to be able to add media to my post.



    findingourpiece… please find this solution from fulhamso. It worked for me and I am so grateful!

    “I find that the Select Files button doesn’t do anything when I’m trying to upload an image while editing a post, but I’ve found a workaround.

    If you go to Media > Add New there’s a “try the browser uploader” link which does work. (This option isn’t visible when inserting media from within a post.)

    Then you can go back to the post you were editing and add the image from the media library.”


    @findingourpiece – Please let me know if the workaround suggested by @shutterpug works for you!


    nothing worked using IE9. I was able to use a different computer with Chrome and that seemed ok, though all my media is on a laptop using IE9. If I can get Chrome on the laptop I will try that.


    Thanks for keeping us updated!



    I’m not sure if my issue is related. I created a post and then replaced the opening photo with another one. After I did that I no longer see my opening photo in the reader (drafted post, not published) but I do see it in preview mode. I’m on a Mac using firefox 31.0. I tried all the suggested workarounds, have cleared my cache, tried fulhamso’s suggestion, made sure the photo was media, not attachment and created and edited my post from the dashboard. Any other suggestions??? I’m Travelsandtrifles.wordpress.com.



    I managed to upload an image by using Google chrome


    I’m not sure that my problem is the same as those here, but time thief sent me here. First the details. I’m on a MacBookPro 10.9.4 and I usually use WordPress on Safari 7.0.5 (though sometimes Firefox 30.0). I believe I always add photos through the Dashboard i.e. I click on Dashboard, click on Posts, then New Posts and away I go.

    My problem is an intermittent one where WordPress suddenly refuses to load a photo that I’ve either Selected or tried to Drop. It starts going through the motion of loading but then doesn’t complete, and I get an error message that tells me there’s been an upload error and to try again later. It can take an hour or several to resolve.



    Hi @trschell, it looks like you got everything sorted out. Your new post has loads of pictures and looks great!

    @helenmeikle, I’m glad to hear that the chrome workaround is working for you. We’re still hoping to find a solution with IE9, but at least in the mean time you can use that.

    And @whisperinggums, that doesn’t appear to be the same issue. It sounds like it might be a problem with our system receiving the entire file, which can be caused by any number of things but is usually a networking error. If that happens again, you can try switching over to the Browser Upload version, which is older but can be more stable.


    Thanks amightywp. Yes, I felt it was different but was sent here to post my details. It feels like some sort of system error – like a server down or some such (says she in her very lay understanding). By Browser Upload, do you mean going to Media on the Dashboard and loading it into the Library? Is that likely to be different? Or, are you talking about something else?



    It’s close! When you go to Media Library >> Add New, there is a link we have in case there is any issue with our drag-and-drop uploader which says “Try the Browser Uploader.” It’s just below the window where you can drop files. Let me know if you don’t see it.


    Ah, I see, yes, I go Add New and then under the box is the browser uploader as you say. I hadn’t as you realised discovered that extra option. Thanks, I will try that next time the issues arises and see if it works. It looks like the function would be similar to Select Files in the drag-and-drop uploader but maybe the programming behind it is just that bit different? I often use Select Files rather than Drag and Drop.



    It does indeed use a different set of code, so we’ll see if it works any better for you.


    Great … that’s reassuring and gives me hope! Thanks again.


    I am using Windows Vista and IE9. When I try to update my IE9, the IE website gives me a message saying my browser is already up to date. Is this because I am using Windows Vista, and not a later version of Windows? This is becoming a problem because I’ve read from this discussion board that IE9 needs to be updated in order to upload media to posts. I’ve been able to upload media in Chrome, but not in IE9. What should I do, especially since I prefer IE to Chrome? My blog is illuminatebytanya.wordpress.com. Thanks!



    Hi Tanya,

    We’re still investigating the issue, but right now we don’t have any solution for you if you’re having issues with IE9. Other aspects of editing should work fine, but uploading images for some variations IE9 (not even all instances) just won’t work.

    Until we have a fix in place, I’m afraid that we can only recommend a different browser. Opera, Firefox, or Chrome have all been tested by users and have been reported as working. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience!



    I am not a computer wizard….I don’t understand all this browser, cookie stuff. I have Windows Vista, and according to your happylink, I’m as updated as I can be. I am SO frustrated. One day this works and the next day it doesn’t. What have you all done to our site? I am uncomfortable changing browsers – it took me forever to get un-hijacked by google chrome. Please fix this!




    .I don’t understand all this browser, cookie stuff.

    HI again, Julia,
    You don’t have to understand anything to click this link http://supportdetails.com and copy and paste the information is instantly and automatically provided there into this forum thread for Staff.

    Also the assumption that the issue is at this end of not at your end in is not likely to be correct. In fact in the vast and overwhelming majority of cases ie. in over 80% – 90% of all cases the issue is at the blogger’s end of things.

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