Uploading Media Problem…images are no longer thumbnail size

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    ***Just happened again on the http://wp.me/p248Xv-3vB link***

    I hit the backspace key…the page jumped and all the color was gone!



    Our developers have been looking into this, but so far no one’s been able to reproduce the issue.

    Since you haven’t yet been able to try a different browser to rule out a browser-specific issue, would you mind temporarily turning off any Chrome browser extensions or add-ons that you might be running, and see if that makes a difference?



    FYI: It happened again right after our last correspondence. I hit the “backspace” button to adjust a line on the page and the entire color was wiped out. Can you please take a look at that revision history? http://wp.me/p248Xv-3vB

    Sure, I can temporarily turn off the extensions, but there were no new ones that were added since Thursday pm when this all started happening. It’s just odd that it all started around the time that WordPress made all the Media changes. Please let me know when I can turn them back on again.

    And, doesn’t WordPress recommend that we use Chrome or am I mistaken? I appreciate all your help in attempting to solve this problem.



    FYI- I have the Chrome extensions turned off and I just lost all the color on the page I am working on. This one is a PAGE, not a POST like the previous one.



    If the problem is still happening with your extensions off, you can go ahead and turn them back on. Chrome is a fine browser – we’re just trying to narrow down the source of the problem, since this is the only report we’ve had, and we unfortunately haven’t been able to reproduce it yet.


    Done! I’m sure you’re as frustrated as I am. Please keep me posted on your progress.


    Kathryn, I’m sorry to be a pain in the neck, but now when I attempt to attach links to the page I have to update after every line I enter for it to be live. In other words, when you put a link into the “insert/edit”, it doesn’t work unless you update the draft after every single entry to activate it. Please help.


    I’m currently working on a post http://wp.me/p248Xv-3BA. Just lost all my color work… Perhaps you can see where it broke on this link? It seems that I’m having a problem with several parts of the tool bar. Thanks!



    Thanks for the reports. I’ve passed them along to the engineers who are investigating this.


    Thanks for your help!



    I’ve nothing to contribute here — I’m only trying to unsubscribe from this topic, since it doesn’t concern my problem, which Kathryn has already resolved for me. For some reason, when I get all the emails, the “unsubscribe” link on them doesn’t work.I hope it’ll work now that I’ve unchecked the box below.


    Good morning Kathryn,

    Can you please give me an update to any progress on figuring out my problems? It’s really starting to hinder my work, as I have to repeat every step I take several times.

    The same problems persist today: If I hit backspace, all of the highlighted color disappears on the page. And, my external links to other sites do not go live until I save the draft when I enter them in the insert/edit link box.

    Thanks again!



    One of our staff members was finally able to replicate your issue with the disappearing colour in Chrome. The good news is the problem didn’t seem to happen in Firefox, so until we can get the issue fixed I highly recommend you download Firefox and use that temporarily:

    In terms of the behaviour on links, I’m not sure that sounds like a bug. Links are only expected to be clickable once a post is previewed or viewed.

    I will keep you posted here if there are any new developments.


    Yes, please keep me posted. All of our work is generally done on Chrome and will take quite a bit of work to jump to a new system. So, I’m hoping that it will all be corrected soon.

    Thank you again for all your help. It’s much appreciated!



    Will do. Hopefully switching to Firefox temporarily isn’t too much of a burden. I’ll keep you updated here.


    Hi Kathryn,

    Any update on the progress of fixing the problem?



    On further investigation, this bug is actually a conflict between TinyMCE (the Visual Editor software that we use in WordPress.com) and the WebKit browser engine that powers Chrome and Safari. Our developers have reported it to the WebKit engineers and are hoping that a fix will be in place soon.


    Hi Kathryn,

    How are we making out?



    Hi there – thanks for checking in.

    The bug was patched by WebKit and our developers have rebuilt the TinyMCE visual editor. They are in the midst of conducting tests before it goes live to make sure it works properly and has no unintended consequences.

    Thanks for your continued patience.


    You bet! Thanks for all your help…I just KNEW that I wasn’t seeing things. By the way, is it possible to ask how to get my posting picked for “Freshly Pressed”?

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