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    Hi again:

    So now there is a new option where we can upload MP3s and videos and add them to our blog. Super!

    Question: Where is this option and if we have to upgrade, then can you tell me how much I must purchase?

    Thanks a bunch.



    Try reading the release and then checking your upgrade page. It’s all there.


    I went to the upgrade page and it just gives me different levels of upgrades to purchase. It doesn’t say which one to purchase for this particular feature.

    Plus I read the release many times and still couldn’t find the answer



    Hey Timechief!

    All is well. I finally figured it out. I am very new to the WordPress format, so I am discovering things every minute of the day here.

    Thanks for the assistance. It is working very well indeed. What a treat!



    You’re welcome. :)
    Here’s a thread that I believe you will find useful. It contains the links to all the basic wordpress resources.



    I thought she was looking for this.



    It was the first link that I provided above.



    As I read the release, the audio player will work for everybody and will work even without the upgrade. Folks just need to remember that they only have 50 megs to fool with though.



    Ok! I figured this out and I will pass along what I learned.

    The player that they provide the code for works for MP3 files hosted elsewhere. THAT IS AWESOME.

    I want to play .wav files. For that, I paid $20 for an upgrade and it added the ability to upload that type of file in the area where I upload my images.

    I uploaded a 2023KB file and it took longer than I expected. But, it did work. However, when I play the file it goes out of my blog to a media player. Plus, it isn’t playing the entire file…..just the first 30 seconds or so.

    YIKES, I have to take a break from this…… I will check in once I have it sorted out.

    If anyone can help that would be great. I thought I was going to get the cool new player but for wav files once I paid….

    Another question is when you upload the audio it gives you the option to link to file, page or none. I can’t see to puzzle out what that means/does….



    I sent in feedback about the mp3 and maybe not finishing downloading the file. Check out this post




    Thanks. I just realized that this thread is marked RESOLVED. I thought that I might be the only one looking at it. :)

    The ability to upload .wav files is the #1 thing I could have wished for to add to my blog. The number of steps it saves me is amazing:
    1. open program to convert file to mp3 and convert file
    2. open FTP program and load file to my website
    3. Open Odeo studio, go through all the hoops of getting the file into a podcast
    4. Put file into my blog

    That is AFTER I had to create the file in the first place!

    I SO want this new option to work for me. I was happy to pay the $20 upgrade just to skip all those steps I listed above. Hopefully it will all come together.

    If I upload a mp3 or wav, it opens a quicktime player to play it (leaves my blog) and only plays about 10 seconds.



    you are wrapping it in:

    [audio http://www.yourmp3host.com/filename.mp3]

    If not, it will just take your computer (or browsers) default way to play it.



    It hyperlinked it……

    [audio yourURL.mp3]



    Gotcha on that. But, I paid for the upgrade so that WP will host them. That is where I am having the trouble.

    I upload it just like you do a photo. So it automatically formats it.

    But….let me try something. You might have figured it out if I do a little work around.

    Thanks! I will be back to let you know.

    I tried to take the uploaded link and use the format you gave. Now it gets stuck on buffering when I try to play it. However, that is one step closer!

    [audio http://eloheim.wordpress.com/files/2007/01/e010307tarot.wav%5D



    Well, your Odeo podcast works fine for me if that helps. If nothing else, it’s an alternative to the new flash player, I just wish it wasn’t so pink.



    Thanks for looking. Odeo works fine, but it is so many steps which takes a lot of time. Plus I just paid WP $20 to use the .wav format so I would like to get it working.



    I just read through this & am curious; you want to use wavs because making an mp3 involves too many steps? I only ask because wavs are huge compared to mp3’s & not many sites allow them; wavs are only needed for higher quality audio, not speech.
    I can make & upload an 128/ 192 mp3 from a wav faster than it takes to upload a 3-4 minute wav file on a high speed server.
    Just pointing this out because there’s no reason for you to pay storage fees for wavs when they’re really not the accepted norm or meant for internet broadcasting in the first place.

    (If I’m too off topic here or I’ve misunderstood the post mods delete)




    I use an Olympus voice recorder that records in DSS (an Olympus format). The Olympus software easily converts DSS to .wav. If I can use .wav, then I can be done right there. If not, I have to follow all of the steps I listed above.

    I don’t mind paying the $20 to cut out all that hassle and the amount of time it takes. Plus, they will host the files (with 11 GB, I don’t need to worry about file size for awhile).

    Just to add to the mix, the program I am currently using to convert .wav to MP3 was a download and I don’t have many uses left without having to pay for that too.

    I am still holding out for, WP hosting my .wav file, one upload, no conversion, nice looking grey player that plays in the blog, DONE!

    I guess I need to send in a support request.



    I see what you mean, I’m not familiar with dss but it’d be nice if you could skip the wav completely & covert dss to mp3.

    ( If you do ever need a wav-mp3 converter I found this free software a while ago. I use my own program but I tried it once- seemed to work fine.)

    (you also need to download/ install this Lamenc.dll for 32-bit windows)



    Yes, DSS to MP3 would be great. In the Olympus software, it is just a click or two to go from dss to wav so that isn’t a big deal. wav to mp3 has been the challenge.

    Thanks for the software link.

    I sent a feedback about this entire situation. I will update this thread when I get it resolved.

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