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Uploading mp3 files (podcasts)

  1. When I try to upload mp3 files from podcasts I have I receive the ERROR message: "Does not meet security guidelines."

    The file contains "Clean" content ... NOT explicit. I have uploaded them to other directories and blogs before with NO problem(s).

  2. File name and size please.

    Is this file located elsewhere on the net?

    How are you getting the error message? WordPress? browser?

    Method of uploading the file?

    Really need details here. Many foilks do podcasts here so I know the method works.

  3. mp3 is not a supported upload file type.
    See .

  4. Odeo, however, IS supported, so why not put your MP3 into an Odeo podcast and post that?

  5. Allow the file types you like. See this [Link broken - drmike]

  6. You're in the wrong place, Darren. This is, not, and it's very different software here that is maintained by WordPress itself. And MP3s are supported now.

  7. Link broken so not to confuse folks.

    Hey how come he gets a special background and I don't? :(

  8. It's the "S" word.

  9. Special?

    I'm special... :(

  10. You are, Dr. Mike. I can think of at least five reasons. 1. You're prompt; 2. moderate (we like moderators who're moderate); 3. smart; 4. your avatars are cool; and 5. you're kind to people Happy Valentine's Day! xo

  11. @drmike
    I agree with rain and bloglily. You're very special ^-^ ;)

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